By keepsmiling - France
  Today, I thought it would be sexy to surprise my boyfriend by hiding in the closet naked and pouncing on him as he came to get his pants. I never got to the pouncing. Apparently my boyfriend has heightened reflexes so instead I got slapped hard across the face. My ear is still ringing. FML
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  JustSoLost  |  8

LMAO! I found this funny, too bad for you though. I hope he didn't leave a bruise.


  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

I automatically thought of Shakira's song, she wolf

"There's a she wolf in your closet, let it out so it can breath"

.....or in this case so it can pounce on you

By  Abby97  |  0

Oops! I did that to a guy telling a joke which involved putting his hands really fast close to my head. :| He must be embarrassed, go hug him or something. :) At least it wasn't his mom or something, that's what I thought it would be when I started reading. And how would it be sexy? Funny, yes, sexy, no.

By  untalented1  |  0

at least it wasn't his mum or any of his family members that walked in you instead. that could've been worse.
but ydi. he would've slapped you if you'd pounced on him, if not before - which he did.