By PizzaPants - 29/02/2016 18:12 - United States - Denver

Today, I dropped a pizza I made. Don't worry though, I caught it between my hands and legs. I no longer have fingerprints on my right hand. FML
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ScarletteEve 33

Now go be the criminal you've always wanted to be!

Fingerprints will come back, but pizza is priceless. :D


ScarletteEve 33

Now go be the criminal you've always wanted to be!

mariri9206 32

No, he should have been a criminal before it happened. He has new fingerprints now, even if they're burned, so he could be caught now.

I'm almost positive that's not how it works

Yeah, having your finger prints burned off is a normal everyday occurrence to tons of people.

Or he just knows to use oven mitts on hot things.

Fingerprints will come back, but pizza is priceless. :D

Actually I'm pretty sure fingerprints don't come back...and pizza, while delicious, isn't priceless :P

#3 I few years ago and my prints never came back.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

They come back because your body is full of constantly dying and, for lack of a better word, regenerating cells. They will come back eventually.

18 - Aren't they formed in the womb though? If you burn them off its not like you have a womb to go back to. 19 - Yeah, I get that a lot.

#20- everything is formed in the womb. I fail to see your argument

tantanpanda 26

it's like when you get a callous on your hand and you rip it off. What you rip off gets replaced with new skin AS WELL AS the pattern that was there beforehand.

#20 The pattern is "remembered" by the skin under the burn. Once the epidermal layer is lost through natural shedding of skin (That's most of what dust is) the skin under comes up and replaces it. New cells are replicated under the epidermal layer to continue this process.

If he got third degree burns, his finger prints won't come back. If he got first or second degree burns, his prints will eventually come back.

37 - Oh, alright, neat. I didn't know that. Fair enough then, I retract my earlier statements~

Dust bunnies are my favourite pizza topping.

aww, what a waste of fingerprints p.s. no 5 second rule?

CallMeWindSock 24

Well that's the beauty of pizza: it burns you first, but in the end, all it wants is to please you. Just like all my middle school crushes, except for the second part.

I know you said dont worry but i have the pizza ok?

"When the moon hits your thigh like a big pizza pie; its amore...."

People who can drop pizza are why I have trust issues.

Aerobic_Exorcism 13

Must've been some good pizza.