By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I was making out with my boyfriend in his bedroom. It was getting pretty intense, so he got up to close the door. While he was facing the other way, I took off my bra and sling-shot it so that it would hit him. Right when I let go of it, his mom walked in and it hit her in the face. FML
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  cptmorgan15  |  2

Why do you feel the need to say you see what he did there? We all do, you're just the only one who thinks it makes you smarter by saying it. When in reality, it makes you look like an idiot.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

You mad, cptmorgan? You mad? He so mad!

But really, look it up. You have some catching up to do. I can't think of an actual way to define a meme, otherwise I would tell you. One of those things I know, but can't define. Rebecca Black is probably a meme by now. Charlie Sheen. Gary Oak. "you mad?"
There's a lotttt.


Haha that's hilarious. That reminds me of what happen to me. But instead my boyfriends dad knocked on his door and I got up to open it so it didn't look like we were doing anything about 2 minutes after he's dad walks away to another room my boyfriends tells me I have a really noticeable hickey. My boyfriends dad doesn't know were goin out

  A7X_LoVeee  |  10

They're probably teens. OP it was stupid of you guys to be fooling around like that when you knew his mom was in the house... looks like you won't be welcomed over there anymore.

  escape2music  |  0

agreed. 1, if you're at his parents house AND their home don't fool around dumbass. grow up. 2, if you couldn't get anywhere else you probably don't need to be fooling around anyway. you're either too young or too immature.

  shannonreneee  |  11

People are so silly these days, my boyfriend and I still live at home due to the fact we are still saving up but we manage to avoid awkward moments. But we are of age so it's alright, however, I think you have to be respectful of your parents and chose better times to do it. I mean come on, no one wants to see their kid having sex. Just as bad, if not worse, than seeing your parents go at it.