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Today, I was making out with my boyfriend in his bedroom. It was getting pretty intense, so he got up to close the door. While he was facing the other way, I took off my bra and sling-shot it so that it would hit him. Right when I let go of it, his mom walked in and it hit her in the face. FML
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muchagente 5

well done. that will teach her to knock and wait for an answer.


oh dear :( that would have been embarrassing

CatEyes66 0

Atleast it wasn't your thong :)

Agiggleaday 0

What if she was one of those moms who wanted to get in on it o_O

that would be cool.. unless she's ugly

Plus 1000. You only have one life, so it's Search and Destroy.

It also hit his dad behind her, but that bastard had second chance, so it wasn't a collateral.

lol @futtbuck. it was also hardcore because the bra barely sliced him

I bet it hurt her... if you're a D cup or above, that is.

cptmorgan15 2

Why do you feel the need to say you see what he did there? We all do, you're just the only one who thinks it makes you smarter by saying it. When in reality, it makes you look like an idiot.

dudeitsdanny 9
impatientsnake 4

ok ppl that's y u need to be aware of others daaaaaaa

impaitentsnake I just lost 11 IQ points reading your comment. go to school please

I have no idea what meme is either. so stfu.

dudeitsdanny 9

You mad, cptmorgan? You mad? He so mad! But really, look it up. You have some catching up to do. I can't think of an actual way to define a meme, otherwise I would tell you. One of those things I know, but can't define. Rebecca Black is probably a meme by now. Charlie Sheen. Gary Oak. "you mad?" There's a lotttt.

haha i love how pisssed people get about the most retarted things (:

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Haha that's hilarious. That reminds me of what happen to me. But instead my boyfriends dad knocked on his door and I got up to open it so it didn't look like we were doing anything about 2 minutes after he's dad walks away to another room my boyfriends tells me I have a really noticeable hickey. My boyfriends dad doesn't know were goin out

Ohmygiluvcookies 0

sorry for my grammar spell check changes every word

Shouldn't be fooling around in his parents' house...?

A7X_LoVeee 10

They're probably teens. OP it was stupid of you guys to be fooling around like that when you knew his mom was in the house... looks like you won't be welcomed over there anymore.

Ummm. where else are they going to fool around? assuming they still live at home, which seems likely, it's the best place. would you rather they do it in public?

it's not that it was at his parents house, it's that they were doing it while his mom was home, and with the door open apparently.

agreed. 1, if you're at his parents house AND their home don't fool around dumbass. grow up. 2, if you couldn't get anywhere else you probably don't need to be fooling around anyway. you're either too young or too immature.

I mess around with my parents home all the time and they don't know a thing

People are so silly these days, my boyfriend and I still live at home due to the fact we are still saving up but we manage to avoid awkward moments. But we are of age so it's alright, however, I think you have to be respectful of your parents and chose better times to do it. I mean come on, no one wants to see their kid having sex. Just as bad, if not worse, than seeing your parents go at it.

itman3456 0

learn how to spell before u try to act smart

199-"u" Learn how to spell before you try to give advice.

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muchagente 5

well done. that will teach her to knock and wait for an answer.

door was already open. good thing she only copped a bra to the face. If the son was getting excited this could have been quite a different ending

darklord947 0

@CatEyes66 what if she wasnt wearing a thong all we know is she took her bra off and hit her boyfriends mother in the face

CatEyes66 0

It was a joke..... it doesn't matter what she was wearing atleast it wasn't a thong. People get too technical with these comments.

this isn't twitter dumb ****. use the reply system.