By Anonymous - 14/08/2012 05:16 - United States - Norfolk

Today, my boyfriend used various infomercial phrases like, "Wait, there's more!" during sex. FML
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welcome to the bedroom where everything must go!!! take one now and we'll give you a one hour guarantee. this is never to be repeated again!!! not to mention all the free little toys involved ;)

Call now and the second pelvic thrust is FREE!!! *just pay separate shipping and handling*

But wait, there's more! Act now and a handy will be thrown in. Absolutely Free!

BF: Wait, there's more! OP: Pull out then! BF: That's not what I ment.

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1 - "I agree." "Circle gets the square!"

I say that to my girlfriend EVERY time she agrees or disagrees with me! Drives her crazy!

11-Mumble more to get "everything must blow".

yes, he is! and if you liked the little Schticky you are going to love the big Schticky. oh god just imagine him.

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"All this can be yours for just ten payments of $199.95"

Heyy how can i private msg you? Do u have kik?

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He wasn't really offering sex with a payment scale. Your desperation is soooo attractive. Wow, ladies, have some self respect and worth.

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Damn! What is that? A hooker?

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"If you have sex with me now, you will get double for the price!"

Boyfriend: And for the next THREE-that's right-THREE minutes only, you can fake an ******, so hurry, while loads last! OP: Oh god... Hey, at least he's making it interesting.

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Am I the only one who gets annoyed when they put a timer on infomercials that aren't live? I mean, if you give us a timer on cable television for the sale then that's just ridiculous because the timer restarts everytime the commercial is played. Oh well. Stupid marketing tricks I guess.

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But wait he'll double the offer... Your having twins...

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*You're And yes, it does make a difference.

Your boyfriend sounds hilarious. I would be too distracted with laughing to get into the intercourse though. Lol

I was thinking the same thing, 12. I'm impressed if the Original Poster's boyfriend could keep it hard while talking like that.