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  OhAidan  |  7

It was probably one of those things that you think would be hilarious at the time, then you're regretting it immediately after and you're wondering why the hell you just did that.

  stevenJB  |  25

I'm not a scumbag D:

  doby199  |  6

You could also get some red food coloring and mayo with a clean tampon; go for effect with out the gross get your point across that it was gross and that if you really wanted to get even you could have used the real stuff but you didn't and tell him flat out that he f'ed up the moment

  Stealthgasm  |  5

Except the fact that the condom was in you.. It's your own body fluids that was put on you, and if you masturbate, it's on your fingers too. Now if you slap him his a used bloody tampon, that's going way to far..


Haha I know, I guess it's just been something I've always said without thinking it over. It's like the guy who said, "It's called an Xbox 360 because you take one look at it and then turn 360 degrees and walk away."