By besviken - 18/11/2012 22:53 - Sweden - Uppsala

Today, I had the best sex of our relationship with my boyfriend. Afterwards, he took off his condom, looked me sweetly in the eyes for a few moments, then decided to slap me in the face with it. FML
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Return the favor, but with a used tampon. It might be gross, but it'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget.


ExplodingToaster 6

Why would anyone do that? It's not in the least bit sexy at all!

I always slap girls in the face with my used condoms when I finish...

It was probably one of those things that you think would be hilarious at the time, then you're regretting it immediately after and you're wondering why the hell you just did that.

I could've sworn this was already an FML.

CheeseTron 15

Nice Guy Greg because he just wanted to make it memorable.

stevenJB 25
RedMosquito 4

Steve heard of giving facials from the other lads at school, but didn't quite grasp the concept.

CadillacPimpen 6

Some one think of a bad luck brad reference. I can't think of one at the moment. :

Bad luck Brian wouldn't be having sex in the first place...

Just as bad luck Brian decides to have sex his arm falls asleep

B3Y0ND 3

140- No, Bad Luck Brian would have sex would a virgin and end up getting AIDS.

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Jeterforever 3

Oh my god I laughed out loud when I read the original post.

tebonz 4

And he knocks the cum on her ;)

After that you should of asked him if you could throw it away and then when he wasn't looking put the cum in your hand and throw it in his face.

Why the hell would she put it in her hand? If she was to go do something idiotic like that then she could at least be a little smart about it.

It's a reference.. But yea an eye for an eye is not a good thing.

Then I apologize for not getting the reference.

Don't feel bad apparently you're not the only to not get it.

Bro that is really messed up, the fact that u think of this makes u a weird perverted guy/girl

im_bored_tired 12

At least he didn't slap you with a limp dick. Could've been worse.

pedosmurf 7

Wouldn't it be real cummy? Hehe I failed didn't I?

pedosmurf 7

Atleast I tried? No? No? I'll just be on my way then

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Well, ain't your punctuation shitty?

Return the favor, but with a used tampon. It might be gross, but it'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

rhidiculous 4

Just what I was thinking...beat me to it!

kut17 11

That is among the most disgusting things I have ever heard.

27) Evidentially, you haven't been here long.

The FML crew is down and dirty. Welcome.

I already see the boyfriend walking around with a blood stain on his face......

FML might have it's mind in the gutter, but 4Chan's mind IS that very gutter!!

Use a pad so you can smudge his face with it,

You could also get some red food coloring and mayo with a clean tampon; go for effect with out the gross get your point across that it was gross and that if you really wanted to get even you could have used the real stuff but you didn't and tell him flat out that he f'ed up the moment

Except the fact that the condom was in you.. It's your own body fluids that was put on you, and if you **********, it's on your fingers too. Now if you slap him his a used bloody tampon, that's going way to far..

So 48, does that mean we are in 4chan's thoughts? :D

Right on! That's just not cool. REVENGE!

Before you take the advice of all the inevitable break up comments, just tell him that you thought it ruined the moment. Hopefully he won't do it again. Problem solved.

27. Someone got hit by a used tampon on highway. We know because it was on here.

ks23 9

throw a dirty tampon on him one day

I feel like that will just encourage weird behavior. And besides, haven't you heard that two wrongs don't make a right, but two rights makes a left?

pheebs314 17

its 3 wrongs make a right... like 3 wrong turns. o.o

Haha I know, I guess it's just been something I've always said without thinking it over. It's like the guy who said, "It's called an Xbox 360 because you take one look at it and then turn 360 degrees and walk away."

pheebs314 17

I haven't heard that before! Haha I like it :3 I'm a PS3 owner myself.

Oh god sorry! I actually didn't mean to put that there.

CharresBarkrey 15

95 - I don't think you got that joke, did you?

pheebs314 17

I did get it... Or I wouldn't have laughed and agreed.

If you turned 360 degrees you would still be facing the XBox...