By Anon - 11/12/2014 18:13 - Ireland - Cork

Today, I found out my boyfriend uses a period tracker app to find out when we can fuck. FML
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Wow....That's dedicated.

...and when to buy you chocolate, I hope!


Wow....That's dedicated.

JMichael 25

I wanna know how accurate that is.

Those apps can be kinda hit-and-miss. depends on cycle.

I'd say well prepared!

FYL because your boyfriend takes extra precaution so as to prevent a child you're (presumably) not ready for and/or future emotional trauma? I really don't see how this is an FML, he's taking an extra step in preventing a child. Can someone please educate me as to why this is bad?

Because he just can't ask? he has to go to extremes for this?

When I got a fem tracker, I realized that if your body is mature enough, the time and regulation of your period is actually related to how you view your period. When I got the app and put in when I got my period for two months prior to that, I got immediately a date for when my next period was. That was about 6 months ago and ever since then it hasn't been even a day off in my case!

What a bloody mess.

...and when to buy you chocolate, I hope!

Is this a monthly cycle for him?

Would you rather be pregnant?

#5 Contraceptives.

My god if you think only having sex when you're on your period gets you pregnant... Just please ever have sex.

That's a great idea!

hippodankamus 22

Commitment. He has it.

23lf 16

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WHY? That is all.

DanShowsNoMercy 13

Does he make you have sex or does he bug you about it? That makes a huge difference.

ya making someone have sex is called rape

#15 has an excellent point. if she was made to I would hope shed leave him and have charges pressed.

That is dedication.