By ivannooze - 29/07/2011 21:40 - United States

Today, the heat rash that has been devouring my side for the last week was revealed to be something much worse: shingles. FML
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JonaDona 2

i love Pringles!!

I had shingles before.... it definitely sucks! :( get better soon ;)


jazidee 0

awh dat sucks!

Learn to write in proper english asshole!

but then he wouldn't get first.

but then he wouldn't get first.

KayDayParade 0

my grandmother had shingles in her ear....then she uh died

you sound real remorseful 19

1, your not the biggest eminem fan. >:D

jazidee 0

lol yes i am!

Uh oh! I think she might slice your neck off ;)

you were born in 96. eminems best music was aired before u were even born. I don't get the people that like eminem for his new stuff. a true eminem fan would have liked him since the early 90s

KayDayParade 0

I'm just saying

my grandma died of cancer. but I don't normally say that because nobody knows who I am therefore nobody cares, I'm sorry for your loss but seriously.

jazidee 0

i actualy agree with you. though his older stuff is more vulgar, its way better. some of his best work was when he was on drugs, so yeah i listen to his older stuff more often then newer. oh, and i think imma have to slice your neck off now ;)

KiddNYC1O 20

9- You big bully you!

KayDayParade 0

I wasn't attempting for pity lol

jazidee 0

ikr! some people aren't worth replying to...

gunmania0 12

dolphincheddar, I always look out for your comments... they're pawnage.

50. you will have to make it through my jungle fortress filled with rabid man eating gorillas, and then through my moat of electric eels. I wish you luck!

jazidee 0

54. what kinda place u staying at?!?! lol

KayDayParade 0

51 didn't even acknowledge you

sorry 56, top secret government information

gunmania0 12

60 - He liked my comment, which is more than you can say for your comments... ;) trolls dont want compliments!

settle down, there's more than enough of me to go around :P

KayDayParade 0

66. yeah "comments" which is exactly what they are just comments not conversation starters or chances to be a dick to people

gunmania0 12


chances to be a dick to people are amazing, they fuel my amusement.

jazidee 0

74. really cause your profile says under your mom's basement :)

KayDayParade 0

75 yes only solution

yes but where is the basement?

gunmania0 12

Love you too 78 :)

jazidee 0

79 (two 79's?!?) uhh neverland??? lol

KayDayParade 0

77 was that an attempt at being funny? and 81 yeah for sure

KayDayParade 0

my bad 82 misunderstood haha

At least you didn't get it on your face... I was at risk of complete blindness in an eye because shingles affected one side of my face last year. Fortunately, only my nose endured permanent damage. Just take a prescription for meds, and you'll be fine in 2-3 weeks.

jazidee 0

88 nah my fault typed in the wrong # (ipod letters are way too close together lol)

TheChampagneBoi 5

that sounds like a bad experiance on you side but op fyl to

CattyPurry 0

I'm a shingle pringle ;)


i don't see what this has to do with the FML in question o.O ... off subject much?

I had shingles before.... it definitely sucks! :( get better soon ;)

What the hell is "shingles"?

op, stop being delusional. your not a roof.

i agree with #5, whats shingles?

olpally 32

shingles is a term for chicken pox when you're an adult and it's ten times worse then chicken pox.. its really bad :(

AcidRaen 4

actually its not exactly chicken pox. you usually can get it when you've had the chicken pox when you were little. also it doesn't usually cover your body like chicken pox does. and they can give you medicine so that it goes away and for the chicken pox you just have to wait it out til its gone and shingles hurts and itches and chicken pox just itches. i think i also remember reading somewhere that its a form of herpes virus. okay thats all. just thought i would tell you what i know about it (:

olpally 32

nice job 35.. very well said :)

AcidRaen 4

uhmm thanks. shingles hurts really bad. it really does suck

TraceCase_ 19

I've heard it feels like having tiny shards of glass under your skin.

JonaDona 2

i love Pringles!!

I love shit on a shingle! :D

Shingles is extremely painful! I hope you get good medical care because the potential nerve damage is no fun.

k I know what shingles is ...what's heat rash? is it that bad that it can look like shingles?? whoa

tacocannon99 5

My grammy had shingles. it's like an STD, just only Mrs. Clause can get it.

dorkychick 0

ACCTUALLY...chicken pox is the acctual form of herpes...after you heal from having chicken pox it lays dorment inside of you and you cant re catch it....but those with lower immune systems can have flare ups...causing shingles instead of chicken pox again...:)

148 wrong has nothing to do with the immune system..

bengalsbaby13 0

Wow, I'm sorry. Hope you feel better soon! :(

lolx7 5

I had shingles when I was only 12. It hurt so bad it wasn't even funny. At some points I had to sit down that the pain was so unbearable.

when i was in third grade i had shingles on the top of my head. it really sucked and whenever the windblew it hurt. if someone who hasnt had chicken pox touches ishingles they can get chicken pox i believe and my one friend who hadnt had chicken pox pulled at my hair when i had t and it was unbelievably painful haha. afterwords i had to grt the scab iff anf my skin still is a little sensative there

glorialaura21 8

Actually 149, 148 is right. That's exactly what my doctor told me when I had shingles.

does anybody else have scars from their chicken pox? I have 3 and they look like little white circles.

SirObvious 1

what kind of world do we live in where Pandas can get shingles:((

gmc_blossom 21

My grandma had Shingles before. It was horrible for her. My mom works at a nursing home, and people there get Shingles often. I feel sorry for you, OP. Hope you get better. By the way, when I don't know what something is, Google is my best friend. :)

BabbiiLovvee 0

111: smh......... Smh... -___-

I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead

I have 1 on my right bicep and 2 on my neck. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't like a freak or something haha

xoxotayy58 0

7:d.76,9. blbd

184 do you have a chickenpoxscarfetish?

I actually have shingles right now. mine aren't that bad thankfully, as I only have them on my back and stomach. That's supposed to be less painful than on your face, neck etc. anyway get better soon op. I know how you feel.

No pox party for you.

OMG I had the shingles when I was 12 too!!!!!! the pain is excruciating :(

189 - sure Google is handy with general or specific inquiries such as this, but nobody else moaned about explaining it; in fact they seemed happy to. We should be encouraging human interaction anyway! Have you seen Terminator?

flockz 19

.... i can never find my dingle. wait are we singing the song?

jazidee 0

83. the real question is, was i talking to u???

flockz 19

yes, yes u were. your comment has my name written on it. everywhere.

tacocannon99 5

so does my fuzzy scrotum. it resembles a cactus, because it's nice, until you sleep. then you can expect to be hit in the face with it.

don't talk to Velma like that!!!!

tacocannon99 5

What the flippity flop does that mean.

SeedlessMe 13

Okay, I may be just really tired and high right now.... But wow, that's hilarious that you called her Velma! I'm Lmao right now.. No offence at at all Jazidee, I

Hey tacocannon... do me a favor and remove yourself from FML. Between your gay ass helmet hair, and the fact that you think you're a 'big troll', I can honestly say the only time you're ever getting that fuzzy scrotem of yours laid, is six feet under with a blank tombstone bud.

TheRealHouse 7

IKR?! This dude is annoying as hell...

tacocannon99 5

ocean protection. first of all, I got a haircut. and you probably wish you had good hair. second, just your FML name tells me your a fucking tool. yeah, o get laid by the large variety of mollusks that will suck your undersized dick for fishy food. and also, I'd you dis have *helmet hair* you would have gotten laid by somebody other then the babysitter. but shhhhhh! were not supposed to tell mommy and daddy!

tacocannon99 5

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tacocannon99 5

also oceanprotecter, i was trolling a bit, so I have nothing against you personally. but until a sarcasm font is formally made by Microsoft, I feel the need to inform the public to never take my comments seriously. dammit, it's the Internet.

dude! sorry about that...

MrBoredGuy 1

Why is this such a normal comment? Awesome

Shingles is chicken pox level 2.

EmDizzle2007 28

that's a great way to put it

sorry :( hope it gets better!

aww:( I hope you get better

Californian_Boy 6

should of gotten checked

google before you speak....

HondaKidd 5

^ Cool kids always trying to be cool. -__-

HondaKidd 5

comment was about 11. ^+1

You're turning into house? Aw bro, that blows.

jorrrdddinnn 1


TheRealHouse 7

He wishes he could be me

Better than an STD.

SugarCrazy 14

5- Shingles is painful inflammation of the nerve ganglia caused by the same virus as chicken pox. In plain and simple English, it's a very painful virus.

SugarCrazy 14

Wtf. sorry, my comment was mean for the post above^

olpally 32

16 u are correct... especially when you're an adult.. this virus is bad news...

aztecz0r 6

hey Liv your the first person I've seen on here from aus, I'm Melbourne way what about you?