By Hannah - 17/06/2011 21:24 - Ireland

Today, I made the long drive to work, got out of the car, and realised that I'd forgotten to put shoes on before I left the house. FML
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Thats better than forgetting your pants

you didnt feel the pebbles on the ground?


you didnt feel the pebbles on the ground?

you know you're redneck when...

unless they're ninja

Maybe his socks where super absorbent to feelings, which means it'll eventually absorb so many feelings that'll get it's own feelings and learn to hate the human life, thus causing it to make a super sock army that'll take over humanity and rule with it's new feelings to hate man, but then we will have one person that can save us all, like in that movie...

imacreeper 3

I like the way you think.

Maybe he was in a rush or it slipped his mind. And pebbles aren't just all over his garage.... I do this a lot. It doesn't mean that you are stupid. It's a simple mistake.

#31, have I told u I love u for that comment

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it feels weird driving without shoes. so i would assume it'd be something you notice.

and to think you are going to one day have children and grandchildren who will continue to populate the world...I say nay sir, **** MY life

SOCKS for you, OP.

redneck0328 5

how do you forget somethin like that an not realize it?

shoes are overrated

maybe he's paralyzed from the waist down. you should be more sensitive to that...

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especially since yer pic is of Joe the paralyzed guy

johnson94 5

captain obvious above me ^

LOL at the picture. And he did realize it…when he got to work. :)

Hey Joe! You look pissed!

shoes are overrated

Today, my friend sent me an online money transfer. After forgetting my password and locking myself out of my account, I had to phone up the bank and have it reset. I had to answer the security question, which was "What, what?" I had to say "In the butt." to get my money. FML

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are you retarded

shoes are overrated

Thats better than forgetting your pants

unless he has a sausage lol no ****

Why would that make it better

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Or the lady who walked out with no shirt on. (FML)

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That's not so bad. You wouldn't believe how many times I've forgotten condoms before going to work.

are you a male prostitute or do you just work in the red light district?

I work in the Green Light aisle. Who wants to know?

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Hey man, thanks for your service. I read your profile. Fallujah was some real shit. Civil Air Patrol here. Thanks for sacrificing your leg for my safety.

My pleasure! But that's my left arm, which was exposed from the armored vehicle to support my weapon. The bomb was right under me. The guy saw me about to shoot him and hit the detonator first. My buddies took him out. K, Cheers!

aardvarkish, you probably hea this a lot but thank you a ton for your service

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I used to have nightmares about that.

Yeah me too. It's weird

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me too

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Sitting in class with nothing but socks on; that's been my nightmare.

wow how do you forget your shoes there needs to be a update on this story

hahaha well at least you didn't forget your pants. still sucks though