By Triple F - 07/03/2009 17:16 - United States

Today, I laced up my fabulous new boots and walked outside to find my hot neighbor, with whom I carpool every morning. I struck a pose, feeling quite confident. Upon taking my first step down the stairs, I fell forward. I woke up an hour later with 7 stitches in my head. FML
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hahahhaa. GG. at least it wasnt embarrassing or anything :P

Kyothine 0

That's what you get when you think you're hot shit.

amazinggbaby 2

So you think all girls should have low self esteem? Yeah she totally deserves it for having a confident day.

she shouldn't have "struck a pose" she probably just ended up looking like an idiot

Being confident is good. Striking a pose is cocky.

Also how do you casually strike a pose without looking awkward and unnatural.

Graphophobia 0

Ooh, ouch. Sometimes you can't help feeling hot, and then the Universe strikes you down for your arrogance. Hopefully he'll get you some flowers or a get well card, though. XD

TryToBeKind 0

Pride goeth before the fall, isn't that how the expression goes?

aww don't you hate it when things like this happen? when you go from feeling great to feeling like shit in a matter of seconds :( im sorry, this sucks

Strawberry_fml 0

That's just priceless. Nice job.

thank you so much for doing that- you just made my day