By anon - 20/08/2012 05:00 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, my boyfriend got a hotel room with a jacuzzi, drinks, and tickets to Six Flags for my birthday. He is currently passed out drunk on the other side of the bed, cursing me out in his sleep. FML
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That isn't a bad attempt OP, he obviously spent a lot of money on you which shows he cares. He's just a bad drunk.

Steve95401 49

Your boyfriend sounds like a real winner.


Steve95401 49

Your boyfriend sounds like a real winner.

TheDrifter 23

Exactly, he's taking a moment in his REM sleep to win all those little arguments he lost to op. By the time he wakes up he should be ready for breakfast and a trip to six flags.

tjv3 10

Well happy bday OP. I hope it gets better. If I were closer I would at least take you out to dinner. I know what it's like to have a shitty bday.

At least he's sleeping. It'd be different if he were conscious.

Ya, he's probably bummed out because it was an expensive trip!

mollymayan 3

Boyfriend? More like asshole. Dodge that bullet while you can.

Oh so his other gifts were meaningless? Stfu retard

5- Words cannot describe your stupidity. You sound like a very ungrateful spoiled brat.

43, I agree with you. He just got you an awesome birthday present op. let him have some fun too. He can't help what he dreams.

You guys who say she shouldn't complain are unbelievably childish and I feel sorry for your girlfriends if you have any. He did get her a nice present but he managed to ruin it with his incredible selfishness. OP was clearly hoping she would spend the evening having fun with him. That he got drunk to the point of passing out shows such a lack of respect for her. It looks like he got that hotel night for his own enjoyment, not hers. How can this be a fun birthday if she ends up stuck with an unconscious drunk (who is drunkenly cussing her on top of that)? He better makes it up to her big time. If it is a one off, there is still hope for this relationship. If he is the type who cannot drink without getting hammered, well she would be better off without him.

65- Ever hear that saying, "It's the thought that counts."? I'm sure he didn't know he was going to get drunk and pass out when he planned it. As a female, I would have been happy with the effort and the fact that he was there. I feel sorry for your boyfriend. It must be hard trying to please a spoiled, ungrateful brat.

#118 He didn't know he would get drunk? Pretty sure to get drunk you have to decide to pick up the bottle...

That isn't a bad attempt OP, he obviously spent a lot of money on you which shows he cares. He's just a bad drunk.

Hmm, actually, spending lots of money on someone doesn't mean shit. It's a plus, yes.

dhenri 9

Couldn't have said it better myself! At least the guy was asleep. It would be worse if he was awake and saying that to her. He sounds like a nice guy. Just can't do well with alcohol!

FMLshark 12

How considerate of him. Toss him overboard a boat while he's out and I'll eat him right up, OP. Eating a drunk human is my version of a vodka shot.

And how considerate of you FMLshark! But I'm not quite sure if OP wants a mangled up boyfriend or not. Alchohol makes you a bloody fool, not a truth telling idiot! I'm sure OP must have realize that by now.

If it makes you feel better happy birthday. Get a friend and go to Six Flags.

No, I was thinking maybe they should go to Six Flags...

PrincessesCrown 17

That sucks OP. I say take the tickets and go with a friend. If he is cussing you out while he is sleeping think about what he is saying while sober. He doesn't deserve you.

PrincessesCrown 17

9 posted theirs while I was typing.

Does nobody else curse people in their sleep? Alcohol doesn't always evoke the truth; sometimes it just makes you a drooling mess.

PrincessesCrown 17

In that case op should go with a friend, because her boyfried was rude enough to get drunk, when they should of been spending time together. No point in taking a drunk guy to sixflags.

If he paid for drinks, THEN DRINK.... shit a bunch of the girls here are not old enough to know what's going on

You're not even of legal drinking age Melvar, so I don't know what the **** you're bitching about.

colonolSexy 2

47 - And who follows the drinking age anymore?

colonolSexy - Oh, I don't know...people who aren't self-destructive morons, perhaps? People who care about laws? Children who have parents who brought them up to be obedient, not rash idiots who use "YOLO" as an excuse for acting like a fool?

Psych101 9

63- "YOLO" is just Carpe Diem for idiots. I still prefer Hakuna Mattata.

Grammar_Nazi01 5

Wait, I hope you idiots know 21 isn't the legal age all over the world. Great, another self-centered idiot from the USA. You idiots ruin it for anyone with a shred of intelligence still remaining in the USA. You're neighbours to the south are 12. Canada is 18-19 depending on the province. THAT is only close proximity, yet you are too ignorant to even realize it.

Grammar_Nazi01 5

Your* Great time for autocorrect on my phone. Lol.

68: First of all, **** you for assuming I'm ignorant. OF COURSE I KNOW 21 isn't an international drinking age. Secondly, Melvar lives in 'Americuh', so your argument is invalid. Thanks for throwing around baseless insults though, ya douche.

Grammar_Nazi01. You've completely ruined my illusion that Canadians are all polite. Now I know that there are hypocritical blathering fucktards like you all over the world. My world is crumbling!

TheDrifter 23

I dunno Doc, that tirade on drinking ages makes it sound like someone might be an American in denial, too ashamed to admit openly to their home country. Plus, we generally insult with dripping sarcasm eh. Totally lacking from the wannabe hoser's rant.

Grammar_Nazi01 5

Oh, stfu Doc. You self important asshat. You might have pulled the wool over everyone else's eyes, but I remember exactly how much of a blabbering idiot you once were. Rah Rah. Just because you have changed the way you respond, doesn't change the fact of who you still are. ;) Too bad these people don't remember.

WHAT THE **** are you talking about? You must have me confused with someone else, you clueless ******* twat. You have no idea who I am or what I am. Please, oh historian of FML, please enlighten me and the masses of who I used to be. I'd love to know what you're talking about.

Don't try and redirect the spotlight, Grammar_Nazi. This isn't about Doc, it's about you being a complete ******* idiot. Save your personal grievances for the PM's. Now do us all a favor and piss off.

Being brought up to be obedient is not always a good thing, especially when you become an adult.

99- "You imbecilic skid-mark on FML's collective underwear."! LOVE IT!! Haha!

At least he prepared well, I mean a lot of boyfriends don't even do that

FMLshark 12

There are boyfriends who will do that AND stay sober during their girlfriends' birthdays.

FMLshark, ever thought maybe he wanted to party, had a couple drinks with the gf, then went ahead and had more??? Alcohol does things to people, blame alcohol not the person.

Melvar_10: With your logic, I guess we can blame the Colorado massacre on the guns, or better still, the lack of gun regulation, right? Because the guns killed all of those poor people, not the crazy fuckwad who devised the plan, right?? Just like you can't blame the massacre on the guns, you can't blame him getting drunk on the alcohol. Owning a gun doesn't mean you have to shoot somebody with it, and having alcohol doesn't mean you have to get piss yourself drunk. It's called SELF CONTROL. Try it some time.

35: there is nothing I dislike more than when people blame things on alcohol. Unless your drink has been spiked, you still know what your doing and if you don't, you shouldn't be drinking.