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By Michele - 18/01/2010 00:32 - United States

Today, while babysitting a six year-old boy, he asked me if I could show him my "boobies." I said no, that wouldn't be very appropriate. Suddenly, he pulled down his undies and pointed at his package while exclaiming, "Look, my penis is on again!" It was pointing RIGHT at me. FML
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Radi0Waves 0

That kid already has so much more game than me.


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dudeitsdanny 9

No, no, no.. It doesn't mean they have to pee.. It's an actual erection.. Boys from any age can get an erection.

birds_fml 7

Yeah, and just because a little boy has an erection doesn't mean he's sexually aroused.

Maddoctor 10

So he wants to see **** and he just happens to have an erection because he has to pee? Pretty suspicious...

there is a diff btween a 2 year old and a six year old. then kno more, nd it was an actual erection i bet. too weird...

dudeitsdanny 9

Studies show that actual erections are possible as early as birth. Some say even before. Yet some men cant get it up, while these kids can.

Not really. If he asked to see boobies and then show her his penis, yeah he doesn't have to pee. He has an erection.

I never said that it wasn't an "actual erection". But little boys get hard when they have to pee. It's still an erection, just not an erection of a sexual nature. Do you really think a 6 year old has the mental capacity to relate boobs to sex? I think not.

Crasken 0

I think yes, if the kid has somehow obtained knowledge of sex related to ****.

dudeitsdanny 9

Yes, they do. Little boys of ANY age can get sexual stimulation, particularly when they reach the age where they can crush. Like.. six? It has been shown that even little boys **********, even if they don't know what it is. It causes them pleasure.

Imagine you had an erection when you were born. That means you boned your mom. That could have happened. Ask her about it.

Chuzza 2

Yeah, you can get an erection at 6. I remember :P trust me!

i think yes, ive experienced it, except he was 7. and was talking about come here baby and actually trying to force me to but i ran... so its deffinetly possible.

teenager34 0

true, kids get etections from liking things at that age. like cartoons, if the kid likes it, they have an erection, nothing sexual.

yes they do lil kids see more then parents know... maybe he saw a scene in a **** movie wich turned him on maybe thats the reason he wanted to see her ****...

well when I was a little kid when I saw girls in bikinis I got an erection. I didn't know why or what to do because I was little

ultrasound techs find out if it's f/m based on if they can give it an erection or not

the way the ultrasound techs figure out if it's a boy or a girl is to try and give it an erection... so chill out everyone!!

the way ultrasound tech tell if it's m/f is if they get an erection or not

bri1215 7

omfg we got it the first time!

peachezthelette 22

4 - ummm, there's a difference between a two year old & six year old. I have a 13 month old & the only time he has an erection when I'm changing him is right when he wakes up. Baby boners are normal. Not toddlers. And you're telling people to get used to it? Are you a mom? NO! So shut the **** up.

I'm not sure if my husband got erections at three but he did used to play with himself heaps cuz it felt good. :p

What's funny is that you are all incorrect. I got erections (sexual) as a toddler and pre-schooler (2-6) from looking at **** myself. I would grab my mom's Victoria Secret magazine and flip pages and stare at ****. It's natural sexual desire. You may not understand the word or meaning at that age, but it's still there just like anyone else. So stop ******* saying it's "pee-time".

If I'm not mistaken you're born fully erect. Seems creepy to me.

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Maddoctor 10

Where are the *shifty eyes*? lol

I don't care if you're joking or not, that was completely sick. >:(

renaet 0

I agree! What kind of freak asks if a babysitter in this situation would **** a six year old?

that just wasn't funny at all. Stop watching family guy, you're too young

Yup im six, my dink is pointing straight at you now.

Maddoctor 10

17 is the perfect age to savor the comedy of Family Guy, but I would expect such a comment from someone who is only two years older than me...

haha it's on again what a cool kid I'm gonna steal his material

Eeeewwww. How does the kid know THAT much about sex?

PaulWeller 0

Kids at that age want to sexually experiment, but it's socially unacceptable. I remember trying to get my babysitter to show me her **** all the time. It's not "early sexualization by the media", it's completely natural. The only unnatural thing about it is that our society represses it.

lickmyjock 0

I went to my mom's friend's house a few years ago and her 6 (at the time) year old repeatedly asked me to take off my shirt. It's totally normal. They're curious. Boobs and crotches are the only things always covered up, so they want to see.

Nic_hole 0

ahh he will be a horny bastard when he gets older!!! wow

It's hilarious (and a bit disconcerting) that girls think this is unusual. Guys are very confident about bodies, and from a very early age.

Sorry, but most people would be uncomfortable in that situation, when it's not their child. It's completely natural for that to be akward. If I was the girl, I'd let the parents know. It's inappropriate, and they need to teach him that.