By Anonymous - 13/03/2010 19:01 - United States

Today, I visited my family for spring break because I've been away at college and I haven't seen them since Christmas. Almost as soon as I walked in the door, my mom had me clean the living room area, clean up cat vomit, and do the dishes. Thanks guys... I missed you too. FML
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My mom does the same thing. While I'm away she'll talk about how much she misses me and wants me to come home, and when I do come home she doesn't even wait ten minutes to give me her "to do" list.


YourEvilHero 12

that is actually what would happen with my family, finally come back and they drop a bomb like that

ladykat 0

That's just your familys way of saying "we miss having you around" or "you're great at cleaning"!

you mean i wasnt supposed to ask my kids to do this when they came home for spring break? oops my bad lol

Well what did you expect? The dishes could wait but the cat vomit's been there since christmas!

Peacemaker9 7

nothing like a good ol welcome home present........

I got home for my spring break to clean the grout between the tile floors if my house. between the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms, that's almost 2000 sq ft.

You're welcome, OP. Now, go get a sex change and make me a sammich.

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get off the computer and clean, jackass

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anybody who put ydi on this one has no life

I bet OPs parents greeted her and expressed affection first this isn't a FML at all. OMG I cleaned up the living room boo hoo FML

xoconnie 8

ha ha... its ok, u gotta help outtttt

they probly just left the cat puke for u

YDI for expecting affection. You're a guy, man up.

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could be worse they could have waited for you to come home to clean like my mom did between thanksgiving and Christmas

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dumb ass FML!! so ****** stupid!!

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aww, we haz a cranky mod around? (whoever deleted my post, i'm talking to you)

welcome to family life.. did u expect them to suck your d?

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Mercy how is that NOT creepy? :X haha

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stop being a delicate little fruit and just take it