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Today, my daughter finally gave birth to twin boys. She informed me that she named them Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck. My grandsons are named after Hobbits. FML
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You can drink your fancy ales you can drink em by the flagon but the only brew for the brave and true... comes from the green dragon.


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JocelynKaulitz 28

Well hey, it's unique. There won't be anyone else with that name when they'll go to school or work.

I feel bad for them when they learn to spell/write their names in school! You know the teacher always made you write out your full name on every paper in K-3rd grade to practice! :(

Also feel worse for the second one. His nick name will sound like "Maria". :(

bladedrose 3

The short version is Mary....

#40 - "Merry." Read the books, don't just watch the movies.

Sorry, I haven't read or watched them, I was just going by the spelling, but Mary is just as bad as Maria. Poor boys, parents just set them up for years of torment & bullying in school.

There gonna cop so much shit about their names when they go to school

How could they be embarrassed when other kids are named things like stashon, letisha or cutie?

Agreed, how could they possibly be embarrassed? As long as their peers have a proper childhood (eg. Growing up with LOTR) then they should be fine! Plus I know a bunch of kids with odd names and it doesn't really matter past third grade. Unless your name is Venus and you're ugly. Im sorry, but your parents were setting you up for failure there

Only this that could have been cooler, is if she'd had one of each and called then Luke and Leia

117 apart from the fact they're both boys

That is adorable!! OP really should be proud :)

This isn't am fyl this is a **** your grandsons life's

I would rather be named Peregrin or Meriadoc than a common name like Tyler, Kyle, Alex, Etc.

Bring them to Scandinavia. That way she can take the Hobbits to Isengard.

They might have some trouble being Shired by most employers with names like that though. They'll have to go There and Back Again with birth certificates to prove that they're legitimate. It's hard enough to get your foot in the Mordor and find wOrc as it is.

Schizomaniac 24

One does simply get a foot into Mordor.

Fun fact: the snapshot of Boromir that you thought of upon reading the above comment is actually from a completely different line of dialogue.

They'll have to get used to ale from birth. You simply do not wear such name without ale in hand!

Maybe you should take them to Isengard.

34 Fact: he mixed the original line with the comment he was replying to.

"No one's going to tease them or make jokes about their names! Stop being such a negative nancy!" Half the comments are jokes about their names. Oh, FML.

You must be so proud. It could have been worse.

It could always be a lot worse! Like Anita Wang Mistake Disappointment Failure And many more cheerful names!

Better then Blue Ivy. Named after a ******* color.

I rather be named after a color than a hobbit.

"Reneesme". Or however you spell it. I mean, I'm not a fan of Tolkien but he created beloved stories and created or cemented most of the conventions of the High Fantasy genre. Peregrin can also stand as a name on its own - an unusual one, but naming people after birds of prey is not stunningly bizarre. Unlike "Reneesme" where stunningly bizarre is just the start of the problems.

SaintPeasy 3

How about "Walker" and "Texas Ranger"?

bizarre_ftw 21

Hunter Why the hell name your son Hunter?!

bizarre_ftw 21

Also: Twin girls — Ima and Ura Pigg Parents didn't realise until they got the birth certificate — Crystal Chandra Leer

BlueFlatts 20

I know 2 Hunters, mind you that definitely would'd even be a consideration of mine.

I think hunter is an awesome name. It's after a profession where you stalk and kill prey! (When I hear hunter I think of the Native American hunters)

Blue Ivy backwards is Yvi Eulb, Lucifer's (the Devil) daughter's name. There's one explanation.

You can drink your fancy ales you can drink em by the flagon but the only brew for the brave and true... comes from the green dragon.

tjohnson19 6

Hark to the sound of the pouring rain...

tsent8 15

Shit hold up I'm gonna go grab my mug you better be ready to sing that again.

Gimli passed out after a drinking battle with Legolas even proves this message *thumbs up*

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MEM0817 18

I think number 5 is a bit more confused than the rest of us.

Every time I read one of your comments, I die a little.

astralvagan 20

I think 5 might be the one blaming the heavy painkillers.

I guess no one got the reference. Oh well.

"Today, I made a comment I thought everyone would find clever. Nobody did. FML."

Oh god. Because they were named after hobbits. You know - little people? It wasn't funny but it made sense.

That's awesome! But if it really bothers you that much (and it shouldn't), they'll most likely wind up going by nicknames anyway. Perry's a perfectly normal name, after all.

Pippin. Pippin is the proper nickname for someone named Peregrin Took.

Bunaf 4

Especially if he's a fool of a Took.

MiloBear 11

One of my lecturers at university is named Peregrine but he goes by Perry. I think Pip or Pippin would be cute for a kid but once he reaches adulthood I think he would take the more recognised version, "Perry".

If we're going by more "recognized" versions, it would still be Pippin... Ever heard of a little book called Lord of the Rings?

I prefer Glorfindel, it's such a cool name

TheDrifter 23

Why couldn't she pick dwarves? They at least have easy to pronounce names.

It would have made more sense to name them after one of the Dwarven twin pairs from the Hobbit anyways. I think Glenn and Oin have a nice Ring to them, don't you?

perdix 29

#8. I agree! Grumpy and Dopey would be much cooler. I think Doc would agree with that, too.

Oh yes. Name one after GI Li's grandfather, Groin.

stephhrunsaway 21

She should have picked Elvish names. They're so pretty!

That's a bit too obsessed in my opinion. But hey, they might find 11 other friends and they will embark thought the adventure called life. :)

Somehow your comments made me wonder, where have all the 7-elevens gone? I'm jonesing a cherry Slurpee!!

bizarre_ftw 21

Continuing the thread of random connections: George washington's code name was 7 11

BlueFlatts 20

Continuing the thread if random connections: My birthday is 7/11.

lsfactor 4

Further continuing the thread of random connections: 7/11 is the length of my junk/my shoe size. It just came to me, true story.

I don't see that as awful. It's better than something typical like "Bill" or "Jeff".

10- .....You know, I kinda agree with you. No offense to anyone named Bob, John, Steve or Bill, but I'd rather possess a hobbit name over one of those overly used, single syllable names. :P

Frankly, I'd rather be named Jeff than "that weird kid named after some kind of midget" which is inevitably what OP's grandkids will be referred to as.

15- I don't think too many people will know their whole name. They will most likely have nicknames so I doubt they'll get any weird labels.

Of course they'll have nicknames. Pippin and Merry seem rather obvious choices to me. Your mind must be all in a Smaug not to have thought of that.

Or Perry and Merry, then everyone will think they're named after Platypuses.

Better start living up to a Gandalf-like figure for them.

I hope OP has a good beard. We're assuming OP is male right?

I met Gandalf once - he brought his sword in too and said 'you shall not pass!' Best moment of my life. :-D (Just as a side note...)