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#24 why would they do that? they didn't know they're going to be told to go to Walmart. If i were OP I would also go back home and call from there.


#6 yeah the employees get bored and decide to play tricks on costumers. If i had had the heart to do that i'd do that too lol

Once again Fml is modding justified comments when its too retarded to mod the actual dumb ones.

By  KLue

The apple company is so stupid!! I swear they give everyone or almost everyone the run around.


11- actually that's walmarts fault not apples. and they should have gone to apple first because the people are dicks "welcome walmart get your shit and get out"


Thank you for the comments in support of Apple. We really do go above and beyond to support our customers. Everyone in my department are such sweethearts and we tend to get the most frustrated customers as we're the front line. Now, I will tell you one thing, if the iPod was purchased at the Walmart along with Walmart's extended protection, then we would refer the customer there as they would receive money in return for the item to essentially get it replaced through Walmart's insurance. But ei

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