By norestforthewicked - 19/04/2011 04:30

Today, my family and I discovered that my sleepwalking has escalated into sleep-raiding-the-fridge, after I woke up on my kitchen floor in a puddle of melted ice cream, surrounded by my parents, brother, and dogs. Apparently my recent dieting plans aren't going over too well with my subconscious. FML
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damn. you might just want to give up and listen to your sub conscious. sounds like it's winning anyways...

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haha you poor thing


badbe 0

haha you poor thing

#1, it doesn't sound too bad for OP, she has her whole family supporting her through this tough time, including their pets!

What were you dreaming about? Either way it seems like you ate it.

Lol, atleast OP had her dosage of ice cream her body craves >)

damn. you might just want to give up and listen to your sub conscious. sounds like it's winning anyways...

Noooo she shouldn't! OP have them put a lock on your fridge, or better yet tie yourself to your bed. lol this reminds me when my ex would drive to jack in the box at 1am while he was on ambien (a pill that helps you sleep, bit if you fight it you basically are a massive drunk who cant remember anything they did) so he would call me and be like "I don't know how I got here!! :(" lmao

One of my meds used to make me sleep-eat (and a whole bunch of other odd/dangerous things that aren't relevant here) - It only used to really happen when i went to bed on an empty stomach. Conventional dieting wisdom says not to eat close to your bedtime, but there's no medical reason to do that if it doesn't work for you.

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You might want to start making lifestyle choices instead of just dieting.

This sounds like the start of a comedy...

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A bad comedy.

Matt LeBlanc should star

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Your mom.


Maybe your just really high, I find myself doing the same thing :)

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that's bad you know.

Drop Dead I know what you mean. I got the need to feed allll the time, if you know what i'm saying.

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you're comment was posted on 4/20/'s still 4/19/11 :O future boy

hahaha sorry but that's preeeeeetty funny. but good luck with the diet!

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haha, you know what's crazy... the fact that her ice cream is kept in her fridge...

hahaaha!!! that's CRAZY!

no, crazy would be if they were naked and masturbating with the food

Sorry, but that's kinda funny. But I imagine it also kinda sucks, but there might be something that you can do. Or rework your diet plans.

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Did I read it wrong? When the op wrote diet plans I interpreted it as the op was about to begin a diet and that was enough to force her compulsive eating to express itself in her sleep. Time to lock either the bedroom door or the fridge either way though.

Drifter, I read it as that the OP'd already started their diet and was hungry/craving during their sleep. But I see your point, which could also be true. But it might be that they could edit them a bit, either by going for a less extreme change, or something.

hahaha made my day!

Wow that sucks. Doubt recharging your diet would work since you will target all those delicious food which is also quite sinful.

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The fact that your brain knows where the fridge is and where the food is contained, subconsciously, is pretty bad. Fyl.

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No actually that's just basic neurology. what do you think your subconscious stores directions to Oz or the fridge/ kitchen?

complete moron. if you've lived in a house for even a relatively short amount of time you will be able to find your way around it, awake or asleep