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Today, while driving my new car, a squirrel ran in front of me so I slammed on my brakes. The person behind me didn't notice and rear-ended me. The squirrel got hit by a car going the opposite direction. FML
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hallkchallkc 4

Hmmm... that's why you don't "slam on your brakes" for small rodents:(

You're supposed to keep driving unless it's a animal that can cause an accident, like a deer. Otherwise, surprise surprise, the abruptent stop can cause an even bigger accident than hitting a squirrel. I'm 16 and I know this.


Think positive, at least they are responsible for the damages!

PurpleRae420 0

That suxs the person behind you shouldve been paying attention animals run in front of other peoples cars it happens! Hope your car and your wallet are ok lol

staceysgenesis16 0

haha. well when you see an animal in the road the most dangerous thing you can do is step on your brakes or swerve. especially when there are other cars around you. run that bitch over. its sad but your saving your own ass.

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rallets 22

^ thats just stupid, i hope you die in the wreck

jablome 6

91, you're a ******* idiot! You would rather put humans in danger than harm a tree rat. You have some seriously ****** up priorities. Pull your head out of your ass and you may be able to see more clearly.

It is indeed stupid, which is why the law doesn't allow you to stop if it causes danger to someone. Sounds like slamming your breaks on did... YDI for being a danger to the person behind you.

Jesus God hope 91 doesn't ever drive near me in this life. My dad stressed so much that when it comes to driving, it's either you or the animal. You see, it's people like 91 that makes me terrified and scared to start driving next year...

Nice, care only about yourself, that'll make the world better ! -_-

when you get rear ended no one usually gets hurt just a scrape or two. if your willing to kill an animal over that your just messed up. also the person behind her ovbiously wasn't paying attention or was tailgating you have to be a novice drive to not realise they hit the brakes. 122 112 110 your all don't deserve to be drivers. driving isn't a natural thing an animal walking is so the animal being natural comes before your right to drive willing to run over animals

brt3420 13

so you are saying an animals life is valued higher then a humans life? what does that animal doing for you that makes it so worth saving? nothing yea that's what I thought. I'm not saying animals are worthless but don't try save an animal by putting someone else's life at risk you dumb bitch

145 -> I have an answer for you: We (human beings) are slowly ruining the planet, when animals are living in harmony with it. So, who deserve to live here more ?

Actually no, the person behind the OP doesn't get to pay the damages. You're not supposed to brake for animals for this exact reason, the OP is at-fault unless the person behind him/her was tailgating, in which case it'd be mixed responsibility. You need to be aware of what's around you so that if you DO have an animal run in front of you, you can make a SAFE decision about whether to brake or not. People talk about there being only scrapes or what have you from a rearend collision, but try telling me that a squirrel's life is worth having my spine out of whack. Funny, it was feeling fine before a guy swerved in front of me then braked hard. :)

staceysgenesis16 0

oh god. if your going to swerve or stomp on your brakes then DONT do it around other drivers. you could cause an accident. and it depends on what the vehicle your driving is capable of and what the weather is like. you have to be aware of your surroundings. sorry animals.

Face it, most drivers (and people in general) aren't mindful of what's going on around them, nor do they think about how their actions may affect other people before they act. Just another situation where instead of being aware of their surroundings, some selfish idiot just reacts instead of thinking and screws someone else over. I'm sorry, I really like squirrels but it's not worth getting in an accident over. Besides, squirrels rarely just run in a straight line across the street, I've seen them stop and go back, etc... Just as likely that the squirrel would have gotten through but by breaking, the OP hit it instead.

147: Living in harmony with the planet. Yes, because there's no historical precedence for animals wiping out other species of animals, ransacking the native vegetation. Because animals don't kill other animals. Because the rise of Algae has nothing to do with the current balance of gasses in our atmosphere. It's funny when people try to argue that humans are the only organism that shouldn't be allowed to transform its enviornment to suit it. Don't get me wrong, we should always strive to be less damaging to our enviornment when it comes to "unnatural" pollutants, but please get a grip... We're about as much in harmony with the planet as any other lifeform.

rallets 22

91 and all of you saying a wreck is worth the animals life Is simply not true. u guys r probably hypocritical ppl who only care about ourselves. wrecks COST more then a pet, and being rear ended can cause serious damage. my mom had a miscarriage BECAUSE she was rear ended. so is a squirrel worth more then a HUMAN baby? u guys need to grow the **** up and get ur head out of ur asses. ur hippy shit is unrealistic and nobody wants it. stop watching bs PETA and get with it. life is harsh and it sucks the squirrel died but at the end of the day it's just a squirrel. we all animals who have the ability to adapt, it's the squirrels fault for not learning from when it's other buddies get run over. if u think contrary ur just as dumb and deserve to get run over instead of taking up space a useful person could be occupying. PERIOD.

staceysgenesis16 0

165 - ahh thats the word i was looking for.. hippy.. hmm..

robotiick 12

110 stfu dude I would do the same I love animals and if I had killed one I would blame u

brycereid 0

you guys are really getting into this

It doesn't matter if you really love animals or not. If it's a choice between the squirrel or the little 6 year old girl in the car behind you, you don't put the girls life at risk. I've seen some really idiotic statements here, such as getting rear ended isn't dangerous. You can break your neck, and cause brain damage to a little girl when she gets hit with a airbag. Stop arguing about how much you love animals. No one cares. You can love what you want, but when you're driving, you respect other drivers. If you'd rather kill a person than an animal in that situation, then don't drive, and everyone's problems are solved.

Damn, what is wrong with all the psychopaths who would so gladly kill a living being?!

damn PETA freaks are gonna kill us all

let's put this in a different perspective...instead of a squirell it was a Wat would you do? it should be the same for every living creature...and who ever said humans aren't the only ones ruining the planet...other species aren't doing it unnaturallty are they making cars and factories that create acid rain are they taking down rainforrests are they creating bombs are they creating nuclear plants?

^sean, you swerve out for every living creature? ******* moron. Never killed a fly, a bee, or a butterfly while driving? Fuck off, not every living creature needs to be respected the same way. Hell, if it was Osama, I would have accelerated even harder, hit him, then reversed back over him.

Some of you animal lovers are quite moronic. Most animals don't have the same brain power as humans, and besides that, it's a squirrel. They are rats that have fuzzy tails. So many people die because of car accidents, and is the life of a squirrel worth the same as a human being. I hit a cat while driving. Sure I felt bad and I did hit the brakes, but I wasn't going to swerve out of the way and take the risk of hitting someone. You people need to grow up.

don't get me wrong, I love animals, but their lives are not worth a persons

wow OP, you selfish bastard, that squirrel got killed and all you can think about is your new car? you monster!

jablome 6

Then you are a ******* idiot as well. Congratulations, you and 91 are equally dangerous fucktards.

jablome 6

My comment was meant for #167.

It's a squirrel. Run over it, you damned hippy activist bastard. I ran over one just today and didn't even try to stop, even though I was the only car on the road. I guess I'm now a selfish bastard. Go me. Of course, you were probably driving a plug-in hybrid shitmobile. I guess those cars just can't hit small objects and not roll over from being so damned top heavy and spherical. Oh and by the way, plug-in cars are pointless. You're still using fossil fuels like coal, it just costs 10x more to change that fuel into something that fits in a battery.

staceysgenesis16 0

221 - finally.. somebody who views the world the same way i do! hah! agree 100%

You're an idiot 221. Go learn a little before you post ignorant comments. Hybrid cars use way less fossil fuels per mile they drive.

staceysgenesis16, are you an idiot? Depending on the size of the animal, you could seriously damage your car or injure the occupants by hitting an animal. Stomping on the brakes is exactly the right thing to do. Swerving, however, is NOT. If someone was stupid enough to be following that closely behind you, they are a moron. What if it was a child who ran out in the road and then the OP slammed on the brakes, but the idiot was following too closely behind and still ran into them? Whose fault is it then? The fault lies on the same driver no matter why the person in front slammed on the brakes. Geez people are stupid.

Well obviously the important lesson here is don't stop no matter what, not even for a little old lady or something like that, just run that bitch over and save yourself, survival of the fittest.

144, your distinction between what's natural and unnatural is arbitrary and illogical. Primates' brains allow them to use tools just like birds' wings allow them to fly. Every other animal uses their gifts to their full advantage. It's illogical to decree humans should only use their strongest part insofar as it doesn't affect other species. Until you hippies can put together a logical morality system without internal contradictions, keep your opinions to yourself.

creepmucker 0

What you don't understand is that when you plug in and charge a car you are using power. How is power made? By burning coal or other fossil fuels of course. So really no matter how you look at it whether you drive a fuel burner or not you are going to be using energy that was made by burning a type of fuel that will pollute the earth. It is a never ending cycle and I promise you that it can never be stopped. But if you really want to help the planet in terms of producing less pollution, walk.

is an animal going to put itself at risk to protect me? **** no it's not, so I'm not going to either...

michaelm1290 23

Yea, and if you have to go play with the nuts, be sure never to let your parents cashew you in the act, or you'll be grounded.

Imabigbeast 5

Hahahaha I see what YOU did there

squirrels are the absolute DUMBEST animals ever. they're dumb enough to hurl their bodies at my dads moving tire...

I agree it's def an FML for the squirrel too :(

atomicbaboon 0

never swerve or stop for small game... god OP I'm sorry but you are stupid. if it were a cow, horse or deer then it's different

hallkchallkc 4

Hmmm... that's why you don't "slam on your brakes" for small rodents:(

a squirrel would be a large rodent. a small rodent would be a rat.

Predental 5

I don't slow down for anything lesser than a cat

CateXOX 0

I know you shouldn't brake, but I'd feel terrible if I ever hit anything, even something as small as a squirrel. Then again, I'd feel terrible for causing a fatal car accident too.

arlekin21 0

ive seen rats bigger than squirrels

I swerve for all animals... I have new rims and no one to fix them or replace them until i get another rim.. also my car is lowered and I don't want my damn bumper destroyed by a stupid animal...

actually a squirrel is a small rodent. a large rodent is a capybara or a beaver.

rats are actually 2-3 ft in length total, mice are the smaller ones. but anyways why stop for a squirrel? all it would be is a small speed bump

fjretsel 1

slam on your brakes only for pretty and fuckable women.

48 is asian so he can't see small things so I can understand him running one over

168 if you don't swerve for a rat to avoid an accident its not cruelty

No, actually a squirrel IS a small rodent. As beavers and porcupines are also rodents, squirrels are comparatively smaller, which classifies them as a "small rodent". A little research wouldn't hurt.

42 have u actually ever seen a squirrel

2-3 feet in length? Are we talking about the same species of rats? Not even 1 foot.

just should have explained to her th reason earlier

sorry that was meant for the other fml. ma bad

AutumnBeatricee 0

Hahah this has happened twice so far.

staceysgenesis16 0

Please get your disgusting flat chest off FML, seriously.

AirForce48 2

I agree, the poor squirrel is the real victim, **** the squirrel's life

AirForce48 2

You shouldn't let an asshole like 153 pressure you to take your picture down unless you really want to

more like f the person behind you's l because now they have to shell out a lot of cash because you wanted to stop for a squirrel.

What are you talking about? Girls F guys (and girls) who are behind them all the time!

ExtremeEncounter 32

They were ******* idiots for being either too close or not paying attention.

FMLandurstoo 9

genetics just can't beat cars and trucks, unless a new super large spike backed squirrel is born, then we're screwed ._. 

i_like_girls 0

even if it had spikes on its back, the wait of the car would still crush it lol.

Never mess with Destiny: this squirrel had to die !