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Today, at Walmart, I overheard a lady telling a teenage girl that the secret to keeping a guy for life is giving him anal, but that it's important to clean your "shitter" beforehand. I can't believe these kinds of sick freaks actually exist. FML
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Willibobs 33

Think 'sick freaks' is taking it a bit too far. I'm more offended by your judgement of them as opposed to their conversation.

I really hope the teenager has some other person in her life to serve as a role model


Wow... Why do people think this is okay?

What part do you not think is OK? Anal? Cleaning? Or judging people based on an overheard conversation?

iLike2Teabag 27

Don't knock it till you try it

I think they were referring to adults telling teenage girls that to have a healthy relationship they need to give the man whatever sexual pleasure he wants.

You probe-ably misread it. OP only mentions anal. It is not fair to add extra to the post

incoherentrmblr 21

Advice at Walmart. Brought to you by the People of Walmart...

Or maybe talking about it in public?

#1: I know, right? Judging people for discussing habits that offend OP makes them the worst people ever.

Again, that's not the point. It's the fact that an older woman is giving obscene relationship advice to a young girl.

that's a really awkward conversation to overhear, especially if it was between a customer and an employee. its more of an f the girl's life.

It was a mother and daughter. An employee (OP) Judy decided to overhear and be judgemental.

Where does it say anything them being mother and daughter?

She's just an asshole, OP. Fuck her.

I see what you did there.

I don't think Todd and Margo liked him in his shorty robe. Haha.

Anal is overrated anyway.

stephers667 7

That's only cause you can't get it yourself!

badluckalex 23

It is safe to say the FML community is in favor of the buttsex.

Every guy wants anal at least once

I know plenty of men that don't.

Tried it, won't ever do that shit again. But That's just me!

#30, my husband is absolutely disgusted by the concept. He's not the only man I've known who detests the idea. So yes, don't is the correct word.

If I was a guy, and I was gay, I'd hate it. Anal is horrible on either ends of it. It's nice for some people, but it can cause lasting damage to the receiver.

I'm a guy, but I never want to try anal. As far as I'm concerned, that's exit only.

To quote Heinlein: "Take it slowly, and use lots of lubricant, or you'll be buying fur coats for proctologist's wives".

I really hope the teenager has some other person in her life to serve as a role model

19990231 29

#7, Just because someone has certain sexual preferences doesn't mean they can't be a good role model. Do you view all gay men as horrible role models because they have different sexual views?

@49 telling a teenager in a public place that anal is the best way to keep a man isnt very role modely

19990231 29

Although I agree that the environment was not the best choice, the topic may have come up unexpectedly. That does not mean that the mother is terrible.

Enjoying anal doesn't make you a bad role model - telling young girls they need to do it in order to have a lasting relationship, does.

19990231 29

Fair enough, I am willing to concede that I am wrong and that you make a good point. I still disapprove of OP's attitude and word choice.

@#80 what is there to disapprove of? "if you want a man to actually stay with you then you have to wash your anus so it will be presentable because you absolutely need to give him anal." that is basically what the woman said to the teen.

The fact that he called them sick freaks which is being very judgmental when he didn't fully here the conversation

I agree, op has no right to judge this person in the first place, especially from overhearing part of a conversation.

19990231 29

101, 103, Took the words right out of my mouth.

What do you expect, it's Walmart.

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Willibobs 33

Think 'sick freaks' is taking it a bit too far. I'm more offended by your judgement of them as opposed to their conversation.

seconded. to each their own.

dragonladiesfire 19

I agree with #10 as well. There are worse things in the world.

The only freaks are people who don't clean their shitter, because that's basic hygiene, and people who can't accept that some people enjoy things they don't.

#37 - Maybe some people like their donuts crusty. Freak.

I'd agree with you if the lady wasn't teaching this to a teenage girl...

Yeah but she's a teenager. She could be 13 or 18 we don't know

You're obviously a ******* idiot.

People like you are why the bar is so lowered in society.

Im really disappointed by how far i had to scroll to find this answer. Honestly the judgement is too far. Without having any more context its not fair to pass judgement, especially keeping in mind 'teen' doesnt have to mean like 14. Its not like the internet never exaggerates for a story.

Marcella1016 31

Yeah the "sick freaks" thing bothered me too. Normally I agree their life sucks, but when they come off as all judgmental and holier than thou, I get annoyed. I think some people like to add stuff like that ("I can't believe I'm related to this idiot" etc.) on FMLs that are situations that happened to someone other than them so they can relate it to themselves. But, OP, sick freaks...I mean, come on. Some sexual activities may disgust you, but to each his/her own. The woman offering such advice on "how to keep a man" to a teenager, though, I agree is pretty horrible. Would love to know how old the teen actually was.

#77 Delude; teenager covers 13-19 you are correct. But your comment makes it seem like talking to a 13 year old about sex is wrong. 13 year olds have sex. Now in this case the actual conversation is weird. But, when I have kids I'd like them to know about sex before they make the decision to have it.

I think the reason OP referred to this woman as a sick freak wasn't because of the part about what to do in bed, but for what reason it's to be done.

Yeah, I interpreted 'sick freaks' as being people who tell teenage girls that they have to have anal sex. I get being irritated when people appear to shame your sexual preferences, but adults giving advice like that to people who are more likely to take it to heart is pretty bad.

There is a difference between anal as a totally acceptable sex practice and selling anal as the key to keeping a guy for life. I think "sick freak" is appropriate in this case. The lady is basically ******* with the girl's romantic compass.

I think maybe he meant the woman was a "sick freak" because she was telling this to a teenager that she HAS to give anal to keep a guy for life which is just horrible advice

Couldn't people be taking this a little to seriously? Even when I was a teenager my mom and I would have some pretty strange conversations, I could even see her saying something like this (in public even), but it would be in jest. Just because it was said doesn't make it actual life advise. Now if it was a stranger, yeah that's creepy

Exactly my reaction.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one with this outlook!!

um pretty sure op was referring to the fact that she was talking to a TEENAGER! WTF is wrong with you people? Not only that but the absolute CRASS language used and the fact that she assumes that it's the only way to 'keep a man'. It's a great way to show a young girl that a REAL man will only love you if he can put it in your ass. Awesome. No wonder out society is degrading at such a high rate of speed.

ColonelCusswords 24

Do you not have the internet, or....?