By Anonymous - / Sunday 15 March 2015 17:54 / United States - Brandon
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  Mauskau  |  35

If I was a guy, and I was gay, I'd hate it. Anal is horrible on either ends of it. It's nice for some people, but it can cause lasting damage to the receiver.

  aclark2523  |  29

Just because someone has certain sexual preferences doesn't mean they can't be a good role model. Do you view all gay men as horrible role models because they have different sexual views?

  kieralumina  |  30

@#80 what is there to disapprove of? "if you want a man to actually stay with you then you have to wash your anus so it will be presentable because you absolutely need to give him anal." that is basically what the woman said to the teen.

  khaoticpanda  |  28

Im really disappointed by how far i had to scroll to find this answer. Honestly the judgement is too far. Without having any more context its not fair to pass judgement, especially keeping in mind 'teen' doesnt have to mean like 14. Its not like the internet never exaggerates for a story.

  Marcella1016  |  26

Yeah the "sick freaks" thing bothered me too. Normally I agree their life sucks, but when they come off as all judgmental and holier than thou, I get annoyed. I think some people like to add stuff like that ("I can't believe I'm related to this idiot" etc.) on FMLs that are situations that happened to someone other than them so they can relate it to themselves. But, OP, sick freaks...I mean, come on. Some sexual activities may disgust you, but to each his/her own. The woman offering such advice on "how to keep a man" to a teenager, though, I agree is pretty horrible. Would love to know how old the teen actually was.

  tygerarmy  |  35

#77 Delude; teenager covers 13-19 you are correct. But your comment makes it seem like talking to a 13 year old about sex is wrong. 13 year olds have sex. Now in this case the actual conversation is weird. But, when I have kids I'd like them to know about sex before they make the decision to have it.

  a1_z9  |  10

Yeah, I interpreted 'sick freaks' as being people who tell teenage girls that they have to have anal sex. I get being irritated when people appear to shame your sexual preferences, but adults giving advice like that to people who are more likely to take it to heart is pretty bad.


There is a difference between anal as a totally acceptable sex practice and selling anal as the key to keeping a guy for life.
I think "sick freak" is appropriate in this case. The lady is basically fucking with the girl's romantic compass.

  snoopcatt_fml  |  10

I think maybe he meant the woman was a "sick freak" because she was telling this to a teenager that she HAS to give anal to keep a guy for life which is just horrible advice

  lostmongoose  |  23

Couldn't people be taking this a little to seriously? Even when I was a teenager my mom and I would have some pretty strange conversations, I could even see her saying something like this (in public even), but it would be in jest. Just because it was said doesn't make it actual life advise.

Now if it was a stranger, yeah that's creepy

  imbedderdenu  |  23

um pretty sure op was referring to the fact that she was talking to a TEENAGER! WTF is wrong with you people? Not only that but the absolute CRASS language used and the fact that she assumes that it's the only way to 'keep a man'.
It's a great way to show a young girl that a REAL man will only love you if he can put it in your ass. Awesome. No wonder out society is degrading at such a high rate of speed.

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