By kstaa - 10/02/2010 11:47 - Australia

Today, I was sitting on the train wondering what that putrid smell was. As I got off the train I realized there was vomit all over the back of my seat. FML
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AngryNinja 1

stop claiming numbers. T.T that sucks op. fyl. go home and burn your clothes.

psylas 0

really...? you didnt realize that the funny colored stuff on your chair was vomit wgen you approached the chair and also didnt realize your chair was slippery? Unless youre blind, YDI.

michael32123 0

I'm blind ************ don't make fun of people's eyesight... wait how did I type this without being able to see? Damnit! our covers blown, play me out Johnny!

lexiieeex3 32

Which is why you should always look before you take a seat.

duke10861 0

u didn't know you were sitting in puke?

vrock 0

thank you! someone who friggin thinks!

dude dont yuh look b4 yuh sit thats nasssssty

Enoch134 0

if I was op I would noticed my ass is wet

That's like sitting on a public toilet before checking if there's shit and piss all over it. Look before you sit? haha

AngryNinja 1

icks. i'll pass. they probably want you Ajjas. bet they're bi. ^.^

AngryNinja 1

damn these bugs. stop moving my comments. D:<

Has any one actually got a butt infection because of using public toilets? And the chances of getting an STD by one is pretty rare (or else we would all have one). I just check to make sure there isn't any poo/pee.

grrbeast 0

this looks like a job for: HOMELESS MAN KILLER!!!!

paid2think 0

next time u should really look back before u sit

I kno rite op how did u not realize the chunky wet squishy puke on your back n on ur butt! ydi for bein dumb!

You could've just goten up and moved, if the smell was that strong. If it was that strong, sucks for you, because you now carry the lovely, lingering smell of a strangers vomit.

AngryNinja 1

if op had moved, vomit would be on another seat.

Enoch134 0

angry ninja has this happen to you :) lol how Did u becom a mod???? lol

AngryNinja 1

no it hasn't, but if the vomit was already on op's back, moving to another sear would cause the vomit to be transferred.

No, she isn't. I'm not sure where Enoch134 got that idea from...

Ajjas013 6

Oh ok I can't really see from the mobile version.

AngryNinja 1

i was wondering the same thing. o.O

Ajjas013 6

Maybe calling you a mod is Enoch's way of complimenting you... Or just another foreplay attempt :)

AngryNinja 1
Ajjas013 6

Lesbians do foreplay too! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

AngryNinja 1

well, she'd better foreplay elsewhere. i'm not interested. ;)

Ajjas013 6

:) What if Miley joined in? THREESOME!!!

It was on the back of the seat, not physically on his back. if it were actualy on his back, then moving would be moot. Rancid, gag inducing, and moot.

AngryNinja 1

we're assuming the vomit was on op, otherwise it wouldn't be much of an fml..

aww ew sry bout that that's just terrible luck right there