By kstaa / Wednesday 10 February 2010 11:47 / Australia
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  swimchic007  |  0

really...? you didnt realize that the funny colored stuff on your chair was vomit wgen you approached the chair and also didnt realize your chair was slippery? Unless youre blind, YDI.

  michael32123  |  0

I'm blind motherfucker don't make fun of people's eyesight... wait how did I type this without being able to see? Damnit! our covers blown, play me out Johnny!

  sobe23  |  0

Has any one actually got a butt infection because of using public toilets? And the chances of getting an STD by one is pretty rare (or else we would all have one). I just check to make sure there isn't any poo/pee.


You could've just goten up and moved, if the smell was that strong. If it was that strong, sucks for you, because you now carry the lovely, lingering smell of a strangers vomit.

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