I don't really have the patience to answer every single comment, let me just say: - to those of you who say I'm stupid/naive for thinking he might care about me this time: he invited me. it was official. the wedding was small, and I'm not sure he even distributed any sort of invitations on paper. of course it's impossible to sum up 21 years of a father-daughter relationship in one FML post, so I wrote that he didn't really care about me, because that's the overall leitmotif. - to those who say I should get over it et cetera - I am over it. you should have seen me when it happened, I just shook my head, put on a bitter smile and told my mother he didn't call, surprise surprise. the reason I posted this here was that just because I'm over it, and just because I'm used to having a shitty father, doesn't mean it's alright and natural. plus it had a comical accent to it, which I'm surprised nobody caught. guess it's my Polish sense of humour. and yes, I am turning the other cheek, and when he calls, I answer, and when he offers to meet, I agree. not because I'm naive, and not because I'm some sort of martyr - sometimes even I don't know why I keep giving him one chance after another. I just don't really see any sense in me ignoring him, or getting back at him, or anything of that sort, it's just not my way of thinking. and to be honest, I do laugh about it sometimes. yes, my father is an asshole, he's a selfish prick and doesn't deserve to have kids, but like my mother said: - well, honey, what can I say? he was really handsome, AND on the basketball team. and just look at how pretty you are..!

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Ouch, I'm sorry.

That's one bitch of a dad.


Ouch, I'm sorry.

I don't get this, its not really an Ouch thing. She didn't really want to go anyway.

It's an Ouch thing because your father is supposed to love you.

The OP is an idiot. She should've called him. Stupid idiot.

wow, you're the idiot for not realizing that there are many reasons why she wouldn't call him. obviously they don't have a strong relationship, so maybe she doesn't even have his number, or maybe she tried calling and he never answered or his phone was busy b/c he was calling other people, or maybe she was like testing him to see if he'd call her. it goes on and on.

I can totally relate to OP. My parents are still together for some reason I will never understand, but my dad is cheating on my mom with a woman my age. He has told both that he doesn't want a relationship with me or my sister. No way in hell will he walk me up the aisle, and if he ever marries his mistress, I wouldn't go.

aw dude im so sorry FYL i hate fathers like that

punch him in the face >:(

"forget" to invite him to YOUR wedding when the day come. "Oops, I forgot I had a father. Didn't you like die or something." I'm not going to have mine walk down the aisle, but I might invite him just to rub my happiness and success in his face.

That's one bitch of a dad.

Before there were blonde jokes, there were Polish jokes. What are the chances that the OP is also blonde? Honey, if he never cared for you (which is sad), why would you think he'd give a shit if you showed up to his wedding? His bride might think you're a creeper.

actually blondes were first and we have Texas rednecks jokes as well.

No, Polish jokes are ancient, and we call them Aggie jokes -- those deal with stupidity and bestiality with farm animals. Gig 'em, so to speak.

what does this have to do with anything?

So call him? the phone works both ways you know...

see, I'm in Poland too, so fuck you

blow me, bitch

i do agree with #6 but at the same time... that's messed up. I know how it feels to wonder if your absentee dad is going to call and then doesn't.

That bites

Holy fuck. You are a complete dickhead.

thank you analbottleopener. you said that better than any of us could have.

I feel for you, that sucks. No one deserves a father like him. He is just someone that shouldn't be included in your life he doesn't derserve you. Just let him be and he will regret it sooner or later. Fuck him. He's an asshole. :)

thank you for your honest opinion, dear. I am aware that my father doesn't deserve to be called one, and in many ways you are right about him, but when it comes to me and my feelings, you couldn't be more wrong. My parents got divorced when I was eight, and for eleven years now my mother has been in a wonderful relationship with a guy that I admire and respect. I don't have daddy issues of any sort, and what I meant to say in my post wasn't "oh boohoo my daddy doesn't love me". I've always been aware that he's pathetic and irresponsible, so when he invited me (in his fiancee's presence) I just thought that maybe he finally grew up a little, or in the WORST case, will just want to show me off in front of his side of the family. and yes, in answer to your 'lack of hobby/life' suggestions, there are many ways in which a parent can take pride in me. when I told him I got into the best university in the country, he just said "oh, great. so how's your brother doing?", so this whole wedding situation wasn't a SHOCK for me, it was more of "wow. he did it again".

wow you are one fucked up person. just because shes screwed any way you put it, doesn't mean you need to be such a fuckin bitch about it. do you have any sympathy for anyone? well, obviously you don't so your just a useless dipshit whos gives people no hope and makes life even more dpressing for them. Your an asshole, I'm sure no one loves you.

I want to say maybe he just forgot and got caught up in all of the wedding stuff, but if that's not it, I'm really sorry. Like 8 said, don't take it to heart. If it's any consolation, just don't give him his wedding present. Tell him it was for someone who actually wanted you at their wedding, or just ignore it.

I'm sure you already know this, but your father is an inconsiderate asshole.

Wow... then screw him when his wife leaves him for a younger man take advantage and " try " to make him feel better by saying , " aww thanks dad for forgetting bout me on your wedding day , it would have been awaste anyways.. you guys aint even together anymore " ^_^