By Noname - / Tuesday 10 March 2009 15:53 / United States
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By  Wittlestalker  |  0

Wow, that sucks hard but as Melanie already said I am sure you can take it somewhere to get an emergency dry cleaning. I spilled fruit punch on my communion dress when I was younger and my mother had no problem finding a cleaner.

By  Billy_J  |  0

Completely you own fault. WTF are you a moron. Duh i think ill leave me wedding dress on my bed with a cat wondering around. God i hate stupid people. I hope the stain didn't come out and you had to wear your gown with a big ass piss stain on it. Then you have to explain what a moron you are to you family and his. I wish i cold be there for that. Just a quick little side note, for those of you who think i'm being unfair, think about you in this situation, If i laid out my wedding dress on my bed and i had a cat in my house i would be damn sure to lock the door and make sure the damn cat was not in there. If you own a cat you know what bastards they are especially with new things and "odd" materials. In closing you are a fucking idiot and i hope you ovaries shrivel up like raisins so you can not have children and pollute or already intellectually diminished gene pool with your halfwit offspring. Just trying to help. :)