By Anonymous - 11/9/2021 22:59 - Canada - Ottawa

Modern warfare

Today, as I enjoyed my peaceful evening, I realized that my redneck neighbors had gone into the hills to shoot machine guns. How the almighty f**k did they get MACHINE GUNS? FML
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By  hopejm  |  2

they're two kinds of rednecks. white trash idiots and super nice 'give you the shirt off their backs' type of people. ALL of them grew up with guns. let's just hope they're the latter cuz on the plus side, now you don't have to install an alarm on your house if someone 'sketchy' comes around. just make sure you're friendly with them. respect goes a long way with these people. you show them respect and they will defend you to the end.

By  EBrogen  |  12

Most likely a bump stock and not a machine gun. Also, I'm pretty certain they saw the vehicle you drive and decided to celebrate you moving to the sticks. Try talking or breaking (more accurately drinking) bread with them.

By  IHaveThePower  |  9

OP here. This was in America--up in Nevada. I have no idea how FML decided I'm in Canada. Northern Nevada does not Ottowa make.

My neighbors are the sort of idiots who crowded up the laundromat maskless today, though, which is why I suspect they're idiots who just found someone willing to sell them 'THE ONLY THING YOU NEED AGAINST BURGLARS!'