I'm gonna be late

By mav3rick91 - 01/03/2010 08:30 - United States

Today, I opened my closet to get my uniform to get ready for work, and found the cat my step-mom was looking for the night before. Apparently, it snuck in there and was too stupid to miaow to be let out, but had no problem pissing all over all my stuff. FML
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So you can't spell meow and leave your clothes on the floor but the cat is the stupid one? Good job.

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Periods are disgusting. Cat.


ewww! Cats at lazy.

NatashaTheGeek 0

yuck, and what is miaow?

how did they deserve it? wtf

theian01 3

It's his way of spelling "meow"

This is why you need a dog. That is all.

FYLDeep 25

Looks like Snickerdoodles will like this one.

YDI for having a cat in your house. the only good cat is a dead cat

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Well, the cat must be retarded, because mine ALWAYS meows if it has to go and she can't because she's locked out/in or something.

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It seems your Step-Mom has obtained the Rare, Indian, Foriegn, Cat. They make sounds, weird sounds, Sounds that go like "Miaow" instead of "Meow". it is a Sacred Cat among it's royal blood line. It is allowed to relieve itself on any and everything. You should Respect it my friend. Your Uniform has now been enchanted by the powers of Royal Indian Cat Urine. We call that little number R.I.C.U. my friend.

Hmm..? Who's the flaming faggot? :D

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meow ?

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*Meow dumbass. Oh no I've become a Gramar Nazi! Nooooooo!

hahahah miaow... wat a retard

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YDI for saying "miaow" instead of "meow"

hahaha. exactly what i was gonna say.

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ITT: People who don't realize that animals have different sounds in different languages. Example: A cat sound in English is meow, however in Frech, it's miaou. A rooster in English is cock-a-doodle-doo, but in Spanish it's kikiriki.

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The OP lives in California.

Throw your uniform and the cat into the washing machine...

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#83 is right, different cultures spell the sound animals make differently,

True; dogs are much better that sucks thoughh. ha

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#35 leave cats alone god! they can be nice stop being such a hater! >:(

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I thought you were going to say that you found it dead but seriously get a dog

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You spelt "what" wrong, and you're calling him a retard.

tweetbaby14 18

what the hell is a miaow? I thought cats went meow. stupid teacher taught me the wrong thing!!! or you just need a better spin n say I think it's called whatever it is you need a new one.

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cat piss stinks like hell. fyl

FYLDeep 25

Go clean it up right meow.

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hahahaha ^ this made my day :)

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Get dog. Sell cat.

Cats are digusting. Period.

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Thank u 77# to explain yo these dumbasses

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yea but your screwed if you ever do yardwork. the stupid things bury it and you unknowingly dig it up. at least dogs leave it where you can find it.

77 your dumb why would you pick up dog shit with your hand. you do what I do and teach it to shit in the woods. and kitty litter boxes smell like shit

SeedlessMe 13

ok, well our kitties go in the litterbox too... and then i gag and gag and try my best to hold my breath while i clean it--- on the other hand, my dogs go outside and make their mess in the backyard, and it decomposes. hmmmmmmmm.....

77, If you're not attentive enough to take your dog out for a walk once or twice a day, than youre probably an old cat lady who's to bitter and wants a reason to be mad at your dog, which at that point you don't deserve. And my mother's yorkie shits in a litterbox, so your point is fucked.

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Periods are disgusting. Cat.

Cat meet sack... sack meet river... problem sorted! :-P

so you're the cat version of michael vick?

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yeah, my kitty decided to poop in the chair in the garage :( he's an outside kitty now...

the exact same thing happened to me! why do cats shit on chairs?

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eww FYL. ;P

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YDI for leaving your closet door open and leaving your stuff on the closet floor.

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Wow big deal