By Stephanie - United States

Another fine mess

Today, I bought my wedding dress and sat it on the bed while I went to buy matching shoes. When I came home, I saw my soon to be husband on the bed sitting next to my wedding dress. Turns out he spilt Coca-Cola on the dress and was trying to get it out with carpet cleanser. FML
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  sugarbabyxoxo  |  2

she probably didn't think he'd even be home or something, it's bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress beocre the wedding. and this just goes to show that's true lol. fyk op

  DGross  |  8

First off Y"kinda"DI for leaving it out where a pet could poop on it (aka any generic accident)/ your fiance could spill something / etc

IDK about the whole "can't see the dress before the day"... kinda sounds like the whole no sex before marriage thing... nice tradition but yea..."Can't see the dress on you before the day" is easy to do and I agree with that but can't see the dress at all is ehhh for me.

If I'm with someone to the level where I'm engaged with a planned marriage, I know I would trust her judgment and whatever she picked would be fine by me (aka if I saw it I wouldn't be all "that's it...")...heck any input from me (a guy who loves a T and shorts) would probably result in a worse decision...just being honest :-)


All of the eight women I have married always kept that dress under lock and key and safe. Only letting it leave its plastic prison to be worn to try it on and at the wedding day. Half of them still have the dresses.

  deng314  |  0

Seriously, op deserves it. Should have left it in the bag for one, and two, you should not have your wedding dress where your future Mr. can see it. Its not superstitious or anything, but more of the element of surprise when he first sees you as you make your way down the aisle. You want to take his breath away!

  idkweird  |  0

Agreed with #1. Why the hell would you just leave it out like that?

Apparently, mine is hidden away somewhere at my Grandma's house. Mostly so I can't see it, but also to keep it safe for when I actually get to use it.

Most wedding dresses are in garment bags. Hell, even nice dresses at cheaper stores are put in bags. So, idk why you left your dress out and unprotected!

  starberries  |  0

#15, it's nothing to do with no sex before marriage. It's just a dumb superstition. And of course you don't get to help decide on the wedding dress. It's not your fucking dress.

By  Phelpski  |  0

Awww... that sucks! I hate to say it but YDI for leaving it out on the bed I mean come ON it's your freakin wedding dress not some outfit for the night... Hope the soda and carpet cleaner didn't stain. At least you'll be able to tell about it when your old.... LOL