By Noname - United States
Today, the kids I teach informed me that I had spelled my name incorrectly on the board. I looked at it and assured them that I had spelled it correctly. I'm 22 and a graduate student, they're six and mentally challenged. Guess who was right? FML
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To be honest, ur is probably more accurate than your. At least you are getting the u as in you, and r as in are. "your" is just stupid. If you're going to correct someone, do it right. Seriously...

By  bassguitar19  |  1

#2-- are you offended from this? thats just sad. this is suppossed to be funny, how could this offend anyone? O WOW he thought his name was spelled right when kids thought it was spelled wrong OMG IM SO OFFENEDED.

okay seriously, if you were offended from this, you need to loosen up

  xxhardbitchxx  |  2

Ok, OP is obviously not making fun of children with mental disabilities, she is a Special Needs teacher for shit's sake. It takes someone with loads of patience and give a damn to teach these kids.

By  FeelMuchBetter  |  0

You say you assured them it was correct, does that mean you let them think they were wrong? That's mean! Here they have the confidence to speak up, they notice a mistake, and they're shot down and left confused? Poor kids!