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By onlyslightly - 30/11/2012 08:33 - United States

Today, my cat peed on my bra. I didn't realize this until after I arrived at work for my 12-hour shift. Now I'm trying to wash my bra out in the sink and stuff paper towels down it to soak up the moisture. Only 10 more hours to go, and the smell of cat pee is still lingering. FML
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KY_Jelly 10

Ugh. I feel for you. Cat pee is practically impossible to wash out. Good luck.


KY_Jelly 10

Ugh. I feel for you. Cat pee is practically impossible to wash out. Good luck.

OP should just run to her house or Walmart on her lunch break to switch bras out.

Lindahhxd 7

If you have a jacket, wear it and like #6 says, run out and get one later.

If I were you I'd definitely run home or to a store and grab a new one. Depending on how your employer is, mine would always have me running errands and I'd be gone for thirty minutes at times. Sometimes longer. I only worked four hours but three were spent at the restaurant :p love Chinese people.

So true 59! She's working a 12 hour shift, she may be a nurse and if so she more than likely wont be allowed to go anywhere.

Lol if she's a nurse she should use surgical masks to hold up the *******, better than smelling like cat pee and the nipples should be covered, she'll just have to get creative!

X_Codes 11

@33 - I heard of a dog ******** on a walkman and ruining it completely. The thing is, animals only tend to pee on things that already smell like pee. I would suggest OP use a different detergent for her underwear from now on.

116 - They could also be trying to tell you something is wrong. My cat went through this phase where he would go out of his way to find fresh, clean (and on one occasion, brand new) clothes to pee on. A quick trip to the vet revealed he had a UTI. We gave him drugs for it and he never had an accident again.

OP, I know how you feel. One time at school, my friend made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. I was teased the rest of the day.

omg i kno ur pain. i always try to keep my bedroom door closed but every once in a while my cats get in there and pee in my basket of clean clothes. its so fricken gross. even after i wash my clothes a million times and i smell them to make sure its gone, im still afraid to wear them again.

that is a very good point 118. my cats always start peeing on things wen their litter box is very full or, for some reason, wen theyre in heat.

MrAwesomeSauce 6

Was going to say the same... And yes, I know it!

nelds 12

Unfortunately some women can't get away with that :/

I certainly couldn't of. Nor would I be able to run to Walmart to buy another. They don't typically have my size. Hope her situation is a little better than mine was when this happened to me. Oh, the joys of cat ownership.

cat pee is really strong how did you not noitice?

I'd freeze to death without a bra on.

kristina1124 3

Cuz sometimes ur In such a rush you don't have time to sniff your bra

You've never smelled cat pee, have you?

I'm curious what size 72 is, because walmart has everything from dumbass people to wierd japanese treats.

36G Yes it's pretty impossible to find and I have to go to the "full figured" store just to find it and even still it has to be mailed...... Last time I checked Walmart only carried to a size DDD (if course that was 15 years ago).

If you had a G size I think your back would break. ._.

It's not funny, man. Breasts that large cause a number of health issues, not to mention the pain and the inconvenience of not being able to find things that will fit comfortably. Don't make fun of her.

I have an idea what will fit comfortably ;)

148-I seriously doubt someone has boobs that big.

Google, Sabrina Sabrok. I rest my case.

well 81, it is actually easier to smell dry cat pee than it is to smell wet cat pee. if it was dry then i would think that she wouldve been able to smell it, and if it was wet then she would probably be able to feel it. but hey, she really might not have noticed it for watever reason. even i have made that mistake b4, it happened to me only a couple days ago! it was absolutely repulsive. but i do have a good excuse. i have a cold so its difficult to smell things, im glad i finally caught it tho, i was wondring wat that faint smell was that i kept smelling every time i sat down at my desk in class. and finally i took off my sweatshirt and my hood was wet and i freaked out and dropped it on the ground... i was embarrassed.

Thursday737 7

151's pic couldn't be any better pertaining to his comment.

Walmart only carries to d now. Annoying as shit for us E+ cup girls.

Why does it seem outrageous to have a size G? Some of you need to get out more. It doesn't bother me when they make fun of me. I was the only girl in 5th grade to have boobs and had a D by the time I was in 9th. I've grown use to the teasing. I just thought by now boys would of grown up, lol. Thank you for sticking up for me 148!

I encourage anyone not accepting the fact that there are size G to visit their local Victoria's Secret or Lane Bryant. You'll find that it's not quite as large as you seem to be imagining...

My cat peed in my shoes this week, I feel your pain.

Misswildsides 22

My cat had a hairball in my shoe a couple days ago. I didn't know until I got to my destination. I felt something squishy and when I pulled my foot out, there was black goo all on my sock. It was gross.

Dogs poop on things. And then people step in dog poop. Whether its inside or out. Both animals have their downsides. Cat pee stinks and dog poop is hard to remove from shoes if not found immediately.

olpally 32

But you have a cute pug picture!! So awesome! Sorry, I have two pugs. Adorable. :D sorry that your cat peed in your shoes, that jerk! Lol.

ozone9914 2

53 unless you train your dog to poop some place where its safe cats just don't give a shit about anyone els

Cats can be trained to use toilets. And cats are better then dogs. Cats FTW.

174-very true.. I want a hairless cat and I'm gonna toilet train it!

Solution: throw away bra then wrap toilet paper around your chest. No nips and no smell.

Clever idea! The only thing I would worry about would be the noise..

tj5810 21

That would only work if OP had incredibly small boobs. I know toilet paper isn't going to support my puppies. LOL

slickchrome 11

I bet u can really use some febreeze right about now.

tj5810 21

Febreeze doesn't do much for cat urine! Not much does, really!

Vinegar does wonders for any smell. I use it on everything. The smell of vinegar disappears after its dry and its better than cat urine.

So you're wearing a 32 P? Urine trouble if you can't get to the bosom of this situation.

Just free boob it for the day :) Oh, and throw out that bra...