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Today, I witnessed a man die from a heart attack. When I told my dad later, he said "Lose some weight or you'll be next." FML
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It's good advice OP. To live long you need to be healthy.

At least its good advice just not good messaging to tell you


How do people speak so lightly of death, especially so recent? So disrespectful /: Hope that wasn't a jinx.

Here's another question. How do men speak so lightly about a lady's weight, as if it's not offensive?

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And vice versa for men also. It goes both ways.

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It's funny how some women find weigh talk offensive but yet always asking if they're fat or no. It's just excess of fat, look in the mirror, if you don't like it, buss your ass to shreds it! It shouldn't be offensive!!

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It's death! However you take it, is on you! Don't expect for others to react like you. Funny thing is, death happens every day, we know of death, but it's always shocking every time we hear of it! Be realistic, gotta accept it. Better to find humor in tragedy than stress...even in death.

What I'm saying is that OP was clearly upset over seeing someone die, yet his father decided to turn it on them and say they'll be next. And sexism didn't really need to be brought into this...

When are we going to learn that death isn't a bad thing. Death should be celebrated as long as It was a natural death where the family knew the dying person was a goner anyway. We are all going to die anyway so spend the time you have alive how you want to spend it.

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If you heard your daughter died because her heart got clogged from being overweight wouldn't you be upset? He's trying to prevent that from happening...

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@39 I'm pretty sure the way the dad said it was in no way to help or anything. It was rude and uncalled for.

who knows... sometimes the motivation needs a jumpstart in a very eextreme way to get people going... but it wasnt a very nice wayof saying it ill agree

It's good advice OP. To live long you need to be healthy.

While that is true, the way her father said it and the context it was in was horrible.

Some people need a wake up call like that to change. Maybe OP has been told this advice numerous times in polite ways and they weren't getting the message. This is just an example of tough love.

Maybe op likes their weight and doesn't need any uncalled for "advice" from people who can't keep their noses out of other's business.

It's also possible that OP is a healthy weight and her father is just an ass.

At least its good advice just not good messaging to tell you

Eh, you'll be fine, most of the time it's men who get heart problems.

Although that may be true. It's still possible and she should still try to stay healthy. Being overweight isn't fun. Trust me.

Actually surprisingly more woman die from heart attacks from men due to the fact that for woman symptoms can be harder to detect than they are for men

There's a right place and time to give such advice. Not this way :/

Fat people are actually more likely to survive heart problems if they get them. *insert the more you know star here*

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Where'd you get that statistic from, your asshole?

They are more Linley to survive but they are also much, much, much more likely to get them.

listen to your pops... im 34 and I have to take crestor so I don't die

There's a wrong way to do the right thing. OP he might have good intentions and probably doesn't know how to communicate it the way it should be said to you. I'm sorry you witnessed such a thing.

If you're overweight and concerned about your heart, I suggest you get your inflammation levels checked as inflammation is now thought to correlate with heart disease. My doctors originally thought I had it but it turned out I had rheumatoid arthritis. Your dad could've gone about it better, but I've heard of 30 year old women dying of heart attacks and as a fat person myself I extend to you that it really is for the best to at least get your heart checked.