By alliegator_13 - 17/10/2011 14:14 - United States

Today, I went to a concert. I got into a fist fight with a drunk girl. My older brother tried to pull me away from her by holding both my arms back. I spent the last half of the concert in the hospital because I couldn't shield my face. FML
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alliegator_13 tells us more.

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I'm a girl and yes my name is Allie. I tried to push him off of me but army dudes are tough. He was trained to fight and he still got his sister beat up. Haha. It's ok, I'll get even.

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That's when you start kicking!

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He should have just punched the drunk girl in the suck hole. Not like she'd remember anyway.

Since the gender isn't specified, picturing OP as a man and picturing the drunk girl as a little girl scout makes it 10 times more enjoyable.

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21-I guess some people haven't seen the video

76 Not all true actually, alie can be a guys name depending upon racial background

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76 it could also be a really stupid guy trying to spell "alligator"

Or it could've been a really stupid girl trying to spell "alligator"

who goes to a concert with their brother then again I guess my brother sister and I all listen to different music

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Why didn't you say something to your brother?

122, he probably just doesn't know how to type.

that's his way of trying to help ? he could of held her arms back !

Read posts before you post you could end up being redundant.

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28 - he meant the other girl. Not OP.

Yeah and it's the same as first comment ( held other girls arms)

There is a one minute interval between the posts.... Give them a break.

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Nice, 42. That said... learn how to read time stamps, 28.

I'd be happy with that, if she hits you then you hit back, if a male doesn't do shit besides get hit then that's not being a man, I'm going to get negative votes for this but sometimes a hoe needs a good ass kicking

I wonder If her brother held her arms back on purpose? hehe

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TalkinSmack 6

I'd assume that if OP was merely defending herself, that her brother wouldn't have held her arms back. And classy women don't go around getting in fist fights... If you do, that speaks volumes of your character.

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Seems to me like he was trying to break it up. Are you saying he thought his sister was wrong so he helped the other girl? Sometimes getting into a fight is unavoidable if the person isn't listening to reason.

Is your brother Phoenix Jones, by any chance?

Phoenix Jones rocks! He needs some martial arts training though. Wing Chun.

He's fought MMA professionally, I believe. I don't see why people are downvoting us. I support him and what he does too. :)

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Wow! Almost first...but anyway, **** your brother that was stupid of him

Should have kicked her ass like Chun-Li.

She defiantly looked like she was doin the bernie lol

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I think I'll be the first to say... what? defiantly? bernie?

The Bernie is one of the most epic dances ever created. Just saying.

weird ass dance I can no longer play dead island without thinking that's what the thigh is doing (I being radtacular don't dance I mosh like a boss)

I'm guessing you just absorbed all of the punctuation from your comment up your ass, because I have no clue what the hell you're trying to say.

Looks like somebody chose a bad day to stop sniffing sharpies

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Did he get a video by any chance

Wow your brother is stupid. He should have held her arms back instead.