By effedfosh - 07/04/2009 04:53 - Canada

Today, I overheard a couple talking behind me. She said, "You wanna know what's really scary?" He said, "the size of that guy? Yeah he's huge", to which she replied, "no, the scary thing is that's a chick." They weren't talking about me, but they sure were talking about my girlfriend. FML
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briedis 0

If you like her the way she is, what's the problem?

Is it just me, or does anyone else REALLY wish people could post pictures with their FML submissions, because every time I see one of these "I was mistaken for someone of the opposite gender" I get really curious about what the person actually looks like...


effmalife 0

so?? and hellz yea first again! but dayum i gotta get off my computer and go to school =p

DemonicFatty 2

u all r idiots. OP is a girl. not a boy.

JacksonCampbell 9

And of course, you're not an idiot at all....

briedis 0

If you like her the way she is, what's the problem?

your gf is a blimp. well I guess that it's mire cushion for the pushin.

JacksonCampbell 9

Blimp? Dude, she's a Zeppelin!

drewnewton 0

I don't think he means the band

So you're gay, but haven't realized it yet - what's the problem?

YDI for having a hulk-az girlfriend. #4 was a hilarious spoof of #2. Props.

T_Young96 13

Dick you are.. Relationship you should never have

I had to read this like, three times just to get it. But I don't see how it's at all an FML.

because the only thing attracted to the poor guy is a mammoth! how could you not see that?

Learn to spell RETARD before you call people one you douche

You shouldn't call people retards or say something is retarded,it's offensive.

lizard399 0

#114 oh geez.. You're ridiculously p.c.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

114- Unless you're calling a mentally handicapped person a retard (which isn't funny and I'd never do that), it's not offensive. The word "retard" means "not functioning properly." No reason to be politically correct about it, there's nothing offensive about it. You're not making fun of mentally handicapped people, just basically saying someone is an idiot.

#133 - No, it's actually more like calling someone 'gay' or a 'fag'. That's terribly offensive to someone who actually /is/ homosexual. You just don't call people that, got it?

Thoureau 0

How can you be sure that they weren't talking about you? I also really don't get why people just openly talk about others like the referred to person is deaf. I guess I might've been guilty of that, but that's still a retarded thing to do.

xtfauthorx 0

Everyones sort of guilty of that your sombrero is very cool btw

Maybe because they said it's a girl and OP's NOT a girl...? Just sayin'.

enormouselephant 15

Loved your comment until you wrongly used the term 'retarded'. You're doing what that couple did, blindly talking about others when they could be right in front of you.

Inspired22 11

This is definitely an FML. Who wants to hear someone trash talk someone they care about? When you care about someone enough, it might as well be you.