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Today, I uploaded the first chapter of my best writing yet to a popular writing website. After ten minutes, I was thrilled to already see one review and five comments. Each comment was telling me to immediately delete the story because of how horrible it was. The rating was half a star. FML
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Did you do a fanfic of 50 Shades of Grey? Who am I kidding that would become a bestseller.


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God why is everyone being rude? OP needs more inspiration. Ya know OP, I love drawing but I truly suck at it. As long as its fun, enjoyable, and interesting to you nothing else matters.

See what they have to say, and try to learn from your mistakes. Not exactly a FYL :P

Your dream is ruined, and your life will now be miserable and boring.

Harry Potter was rejected from dozens of publishers before someone decided to give it a shot. And now the franchise has made more money than the GDP of Bolivia (seriously)

53, That's not true. Rowling was so poor she could only afford to print out two copies of the first Harry Potter book. Miraculously, one of the two submissions got accepted. That's is otherwise unheard of, though. It normally does take dozens of submissions before a book is published.

Did you do a fanfic of 50 Shades of Grey? Who am I kidding that would become a bestseller.

"We have to go deeper," would get even more meaning than before.

I can see it now. "He then looked into her eyes, and went two layers deeper."

A better idea would be a fanfic of the twilight series.

50 Shades of Grey IS a fanfic of the Twilight series.

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Well shit, 38 beat be. Disregard.

You guys are all wrong. "Firewood" is the correct term.

If you can call the steamy pile of dog turd that is Twilight a "book" :L

Were gonna test and see if books REALLY do start to burn at 451 degrees Fahrenheit

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And it did! When they came out with 50 shades of black.

There has just been a hilarious comment on this FML, where'd it go?

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URL? I want to read and mock a terrible story.

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Eh wattpad has a lot of those, but a lot of good ones too.

Everyone is an evolving writer. Just keep at it, take their feedback as it comes, and use it to improve you skills. It's a process, not a natural occurrence. Everybody has to work at it :)

What a terrible written and boring fml. Everyone's a critic OP. Use this as a way to improve.

You just need to suck it up. Look back at your story and see what people did not like about it and improve it. I am sure that was the reason you publish in that website. Also anything you create will always be subject to people's opinion so get use to the idea someone will not like your writing.