By Anonymous - 13/03/2010 13:43 - United Kingdom

Today, I realized that not only am I still an unpublished author, but I can't even get an FML posted after submitting several in the last year. FML
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Who knew you FML mods had a soft spot for whiny failures? It warms my heart really.

This FML is an oxymoron.


Hey, I got the first vote! FYL!

beccaishereyay 11

ummm you just got this post published. si now you aré a published author and you got a FML posted. prblem solved :)

took te words right out of my mouth 37

einaudi 0

Its actually a paradox, 21, not an oxymoron.

very deep einaudi

I would have said "this past year", rather than "in the last year". Slightly more fluid...

xundria 5

@29: There should have been a period after 'lessons'. Thank you, come again. :)

cocopuff96 0

this isnt an fml.... you just got an fml posted so go cry somewherr else.

bezach 0

exactly not an fml and IDE use proper spekling and gramee but I'm using my upod

hahah. word. this is why proletariat shouldn't look at the little details otherwise others do it back because it is annoying.


BadPinkKitty07 0

what-the-fishsticks is up with all the grammar/english lessons? seriously, people go on FML to shut off their brains and laugh, not learn where to insert a comma. *grabs baseball bat, ready to battle inevitable stampede of grammer Nazis*

Congrats to you OP...but Idgaf

ElMetalero 0

completely agree with #4. stop writing stuff and get a job

dudeitsdanny 9

I agree. Raise your hand if you've ever written a short story, poem, song, nocel, etc., and are unpublished? Exacty.

haha jokes on you cuz I'm 12 and a published author :D

ElMetalero 0

*raises both hands*

if u are then what's your name, and what is a book you have published?

VeryNice329 0

hey hey 14. I thought I was you for a sec. haha I didn't look at the name right away and read your comment and was like "hey I didn't say that." now I must change my cat :(

beccaishereyay 11

hand lol but I don't waste my life on it because if it's not published is isn't very good... op...

dudeitsdanny 9

Savvy- doesn't count as being published. And your page says 25 so I say you're just a compulsive liar. Finally, i didn't say no one here was published. But the vast majority isn't. You just wanted to show off that myspace published your blog.

congrats, now your life isn't fucked anymore

tboudre 0

I hear your motor running!

I beleive there is a - between un

sillypuppy 0

Now you are officially a "published" writer. What an achievement! lol

Don't forget to send a copy of this to mom!

same here............

yup :( ive posted 3 but none published

mynameajenniferl 0

im an unpolished writer, yet several of my works have been published(online) and favourited by many people you just gotta know where to post it try or

MXavierT 0

Agreed with ^. Unless it gets adapted into a book or something.

boatkicker 4

Remember that any story you put online, whether on fictionpress, a blog, a post in a forum, or anywhere else is considered "published" and most traditional publishers will not accept it.

LtBrenton 16

Congratulations man o/

Hey, there should be a comma after the "hi", O Lord and Saviour.