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  xundria  |  5

@29: There should have been a period after 'lessons'. Thank you, come again.


what-the-fishsticks is up with all the grammar/english lessons? seriously, people go on FML to shut off their brains and laugh, not learn where to insert a comma.

*grabs baseball bat, ready to battle inevitable stampede of grammer Nazis*

  VeryNice329  |  0

hey hey 14. I thought I was you for a sec. haha I didn't look at the name right away and read your comment and was like "hey I didn't say that."
now I must change my cat :(

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Savvy- doesn't count as being published.
And your page says 25 so I say you're just a compulsive liar.
Finally, i didn't say no one here was published. But the vast majority isn't.

You just wanted to show off that myspace published your blog.

By  mynameajenniferl  |  0

im an unpolished writer, yet several of my works have been published(online) and favourited by many people

you just gotta know where to post it

try or

  boatkicker  |  4

Remember that any story you put online, whether on fictionpress, a blog, a post in a forum, or anywhere else is considered "published" and most traditional publishers will not accept it.