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  Lake5055  |  0

Haha, Sammy, this is a good example of why attractive chicks should have fake pictures too :P
I'm sure this isn't the first time you've had a thread like this... -.-


Word of're have at least 2 new messages a day from some poor guy trying to hit on you and you'll probably get a lot of threads under your comments with things like "i dont mean to creep but ur beautful"
It gets old. It's why I changed my picture.

  dre_bro11  |  12

#48, OP is complaining about the fact that his/her parents have left them, being 17 years old, with a baby sitter. You are right in which the OP could be male or female, as can the baby sitter, but any one talking about OP banging the baby sister is assuming it is a guy/girl situation. And if the baby sitter was hot, OP probably wouldn't have mentioned it as to make the FML more FML-ish and not something that's going to cop a lot of 'your home alone with a hot person so whats the big deal' comments.

  lezzy251  |  0

well either way "banging the babysitter" would be effective. seeing how if the OP is a girl as is the baby sitter then the mom would freak. same for a guy-guy situation. and if the mom just gets a diff gender baby sitter then it still works out if u do it again. or the OP can just say they had sex with the sitter and show the mom some fake proof and get the sitter to play along. :)

By  GawZ  |  0

Well somebody has to change your dirty diapers you know... and hitting the sitter up for sex will be difficult after that happens.