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Today, I was bitched out by my 17 year old son's teacher. It seems the idiot teacher made the kids advocate for his own political beliefs in a presentation, and my son ended his speech saying, "And it remains my opinion that our instructor is cramping my motherfucking style." Instant suspension. FML
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well maybe the teacher should lighten up a bit and stop crampin styles...


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Hey at least he was giving his opinion? I woulda cussed that ************ out too. Some Johnny pencil pusher who's only accomplishment in life is becoming a teacher (no offense to teachers, but your really not that badass) I say bitch out that teacher back op.

You don't insult your teacher.... They're using their time to educate idiots like this... They deserve some respect... "if you don't have something good to say, shut the **** up" yea....

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Yeah they come to teach you. Not push their ****** agenda down kids throats.

Yes sir Mr. Kaysl, you just obviously know the teacher, AND parent because you seem to know everything. Maybe the teacher was right, the mom was just being a bitch.... Well Never know :(

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Hard to tell here. If a science teacher were teaching about evolution or global warming, a parent might call that a political belief. I would call it teaching science. We just do not know the details but a lot of people consider everything they agree with to be a fact and everything they disagree with to be a political belief. Me, I think that someone this old should be seeing a variety of views, even from their teachers.

I do believe that I read the FML, and I do believe that I have the ability to write. Making your point invalid. Please use correct terminology if your going to insult me.

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Exactly man. My teacher for history tries to do the same thing which totally slants the ******* lesson. The fact that the teacher was pushing his beliefs is ******* ridiculous and idiots like lemon phat are probably the same way.

Evolution is a theory, so is religion, if you feel that one is incorrect, grow up, and cope with it... It's part of school curriculum. (or homeschool your kids)

Cmon, that's no fun :( I'm just playing around! This is entertaining :/

^ lol look at this guy. "evolution's called a 'theory' for a reason". people still use that ignorant misunderstanding as an argument? lol just shut up, that's got nothing to do with the fml, and you're just gonna get banned if you keep trolling

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Dude what does evolution have to do with this FML? I don't think you have a point dumbass, so maybe you should just stop posting. Douche bag.

If it were an AP class, it probably wouldn't have ended like this

Evolution is life as we know it, not a theory lemon_phat. You don't happen to be taking class with OP's son do you?

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56- no he's the teacher of op's class

32- When i read the FML i assumed that the teacher assigned a presentation for the student to advocate his (the student's) political views. I don't think the teacher made the class advocate the teacher's views.

So lemon phat is totally wrong, but to turnpiketwister. Evolution IS a theory hence it being called "the theory of evolution". While it is the commonly accepted theory there is still no way to physically prove it.

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Withought instruction more individuals would be as seemingly uneducated and vulgar as yourself. Teachers are needed - shape the young and instruct those older. There are assholes in every field - most behind the scenes. Such public professions are just more visible and so we here more of the dicks.

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Opinions are like penises. Lots of people have one, and that's perfectly fine, but you can't just go around whipping it out in public. And DON'T force it down everyone elses throats because you think it's the best. OP's son's teacher forced his opinion on everyone in the class, and THAT is the problem. Not the swearing in class.

I thought that too, thatssomeBS. Wasn't sure if the "his" referred to the teacher or the son, as the teacher's gender wasn't mentioned.

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While I agree that the OP's son's teacher may be in the wrong (and we don't really know unless we have information on what the "political opinion" actually is), that teacher is not a representative for all teachers. Teachers are desperately needed, and are a very under appreciated and under respected role. It's rather sad that so many people want to dump on the professional role of a teacher, regardless of the fact that without said teachers, much of society wouldn't be able to read or write.

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I see where he gets it from ;)

It seems like whenever we read an FML we invent a backstory and fill in details from our own experience. Then we set off to the task of arguing from our biases. There are two ways off the top of my head that the assignment could really be acceptable is if the presentation was about something considered fact, which a section of the population considers controversial - like whether the Earth is round or not. The other would be a debate scenario where the student was made to advocate for the side that he didn't necessarily agree with - but OP says all the kids had to write on the same opinion. Or maybe the teacher made everybody give a speech on why we should repeal abolition - we can't know. The only useful thing to do is take OP's word for it. The teacher made all the kids espouse his opinion. One student protested, and used a swear. At 17, he was suspended for it, which seems a little harsh, but schools tend to be harsh these days. Then the teacher called up the parent to bitch them out. Teachers as a whole are awesome, but I'm forced to conclude this guy is a wanker. /walloftext

Or it might be one of those classes where u have to take a stand for a side u don't necessarily agree with.. Those are instructive and they help develop problem solving skills... I mean it could be... Just a thought..

131- Holy ****, that was long. I'll thumbs up 'cuz you have more than 2, therefore making it l3g1t.

YDI for calling 17 year olds "kids" However you are forgiven for raising such a badass

Hey dumbshit, you spelled "fueling" wrong

Oh, did I say dumbshit? I meant KaySL, synonymously of course.

^^ ROFL, Grammar Nazi FAIL. Get a dictionary, dumbass! I'm Russian and even I know theyre both correct

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According to the amount of negative thumbs clearly you didn't have something good to say

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Stupid grammar nazis. Hey maybe you should be a teacher. Shit head

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"The idiot" (singular) made "the kids" (plural) advocate "his" (singular) own political beliefs. Seems pretty clear to me.

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Yeah that's how I saw it too...

Teachers are in it for money, because they sure as hell aren't teaching.

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From what I gather lemon_phat is the only intelligent one here you don't no all the facts and don't go bullshitting YOUR own facts like he said it could have been a paper on evolution or the Big Bang it could also have been an English report on a book (for which there are many opinions to and the teacher tried to steer them to the main theme) what I'm saying is don't hate on him he has educated facts Also DO NOT hate on the teacher for the main reason is now days parents bombard the ******* teacher if their child is failing it is not the teachers fault if the kid doesn't give a **** about school and fails.

TheVirtousKnight 4

Oh and #277 yeah you. Don't talk

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I love your son. Way to show em' who's the boss!

You mean by getting suspended, for 3 seconds of glory?! Yea! He really showed that teacher! I bet the teacher cried himself to sleep that night!

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Not every suspension is deserved. Getting suspended means nothing.

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25- lemon phat is the teacher you can tell by how hard he sticks up for the guy

The way lemon_phat is acting you would think they are the teacher.

There's a 17 year old who will not be brainwashed. Maybe he was a bit crude for classroom language, but nonetheless he refused to be bullied into supporting someone else's political agenda.

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Suspension for his own opinion she asked for? Sounds to me like the teacher needs to lighten up. She pretty much asked for it.

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Maybe suspension for cursing in school?

Nah, you get suspended for kicking people. Cussin' is a detention.

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The teacher was making them do presentations on the teacher's political beliefs, not their own. Also you can definitely get suspended for swearing.

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Holy crap! Speak rattus rattus

citymayer 7

Holy crap! Speak rattus rattus

Also, there's a difference with his opinion and outright insulting someone which, it seems, is what OP's son did..

Since when is that outright insulting? It's a joke. A cruder, idiotic teenage boy joke, but still.

Yeah suspended for swearing in middle school not if your in high school

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I guess I miss-read a part of this :'( I'm prepared to get thumbed down.


Yeah, darn you for raising someone to use there brain and think for themselves... With style.

Your son is the man! He shouldn't have used the abusive language, but I agree with what he said 100%. Bad teacher, making the kids agree with his opinion - he must teach "Closed minds 101" Give your kid a pat on the back for me!

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A pat on the back for principle...a smack on the wrist for execution. Though he stood up for himself I'm sure there were more tactful ways of expressing his point. And BS, the students could have easily advocated for someone else's beliefs by random selection of various POVs, but it appears the entire class was given the task of defending only one side of the spectrum.

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Did you mean to write PS instead of BS? Because PS means post script. BS means bullshit, and I'm 90% sure no one would intentionally and seriously write a post script and preemptively label it bs

No. It was a reply to the post above me by thatssomeBS.

Well, the teacher didn't make them believe in it or even try to force his beliefs on them.. Simply, he asked them to "ADVOCATE" one specific belief. There's a difference and I see nothing wrong with this exercise :)

Opinions are like bellybuttons. Mines an outie so I openly give my opinion. Logic.

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Yes logical people all agree opinions are just like bellybuttons

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Opinions are like assholes mines an outie.

Opinions are like knives, push yours too hard and you suddenly become unpopular.