By ohhotdamn - 26/03/2009 02:48 - United States

Today, I was texting two people at once. Trying to respond to my friend's text, I accidentally clicked on this guy's name instead, who I've never met. He just told me about his grandma's funeral he went to that was an open casket. I responded with, "Haha wow you slut, I'm sure you were aroused." FML
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ok first of all, i didnt really meant to say id never met him, because i actually did meet him once it was just informal, and i didnt meet him over the internet or something dumb like that. and i think its fixed because i told him the situation with my other friend and he said it was ok. and yes it is very common for girls to call each other ***** as a joke, even though it is kinda dumb to do.

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If you never met him why would you have him in your cell phone?

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WOW dont you feel pretty shitty ???


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WOW dont you feel pretty shitty ???

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haha and he'll respond with"how did you know?"

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This is why you always double check before you send a text message... next time, you'll know better.

or, you can text him saying "sorry that was for my friend not you. sorry about your grandma passing."

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If they've never met? How do they have their number?

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#111 Is that really hard to figure out?

If you never met him why would you have him in your cell phone?

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Haha wow. I love this, seriously. Fav'd! I literally lol'd at this!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ...but then again, I feel bad for the guy xP

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Why is there a guy's number in your phone who you have never met? Internet?... I'm sure he knew it was a mistake... If he has a problem with it, then ***'em you never even met the guy, who cares you obviously didn't mean to send that

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I'm pretty sure he had to assume you sent that to the wrong person. If he thought you meant to send that to him, he wasn't super intelligent...

Text him back saying that your a stupid idiot who tries to text 2 people at the same time and as a result you got it wrong. Multitask and you are sure to make more mistakes. Fact!

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that wasnt nearly neccasary, it was an accident, it happens.

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I say fyl. I wouldn't want to have a conversation with someone when I'm at funeral if that someone is laughing it up with someone else.