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ok first of all, i didnt really meant to say id never met him, because i actually did meet him once it was just informal, and i didnt meet him over the internet or something dumb like that. and i think its fixed because i told him the situation with my other friend and he said it was ok. and yes it is very common for girls to call each other sluts as a joke, even though it is kinda dumb to do.
By ohhotdamn - / Thursday 26 March 2009 02:48 / United States
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By  PollySighDevil  |  0

Why is there a guy's number in your phone who you have never met? Internet?... I'm sure he knew it was a mistake... If he has a problem with it, then fuk'em you never even met the guy, who cares you obviously didn't mean to send that

By  Jimboom  |  11

Text him back saying that your a stupid idiot who tries to text 2 people at the same time and as a result you got it wrong.

Multitask and you are sure to make more mistakes. Fact!

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