By birdmagnet - 25/04/2009 19:12 - United States

Today, I spent 90 dollars and two and a half hours getting my hair done at a fancy salon. As I was unlocking my car, a bird pooped in my hair. FML
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90 dollars? Two and a half hours? WTF were you getting done?




lemonz im at da top

Actually some say it's good luck so try the lottery? :)

i think i peed a little, ehh

bahaha that time wear a scarf or something over your head

Two-and-a-half hours getting my hair done would kill me. But I've had a bird crap on me before, right after I stepped out of the bus station in New York I feel for you.

90 dollars? Two and a half hours? WTF were you getting done?

A girl's hair cut. Always a fucking waste of money.

WTF y spend 90 dollars for 2 and half hours? bird crap is good luck though

HAHAHA. THIS IS A TRUE FML! Wow I feel so bad for you! I worry about this happening to me all the time! It really sucks. I hope to some how remove the poop and still have the pretty $90 hair!

where are you that a fancy hair salon gets you $90 and 2.5 hours??? That's pretty cheap! and since I work at a salon if you went back they would've fixed it for you... hairdressers are not assholes... so not really fml worthy

That's what I was thinking... $90 is a crazy deal!

In my city the average is about 50 dollars and like one hour. I didn't know there were places where it was 90 and 2.5 hours! O.O

wow that really sucks lol at least you'll get good luck!