By Anonymous - 03/10/2010 14:59 - Australia

Today, I got my posting orders for the Air Force. After spending four years training and studying to become an aerospace engineer, I am getting sent to the only base without aircraft. FML
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Buddy America has government inefficiency too. If you don't believe me go to the DMV. Now please stop saying America is the greatest place ever. You're making Americans look bad.


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There's a magical place called "AMERICA" where this doesn't happen...

Buddy America has government inefficiency too. If you don't believe me go to the DMV. Now please stop saying America is the greatest place ever. You're making Americans look bad.

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Actually HighStakes, this sort of thing happens literally all the time in the US military. If you tell anyone "this is where I want to go after training" you 100% guaranteed will not get sent or transferred there. You have to figure out how to get where you want on your own. That's how you learn to play the game right away.

What does Canada have anything to do with this?

because we don't have a army so this would never happen

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Canada doesn't have an army?? wow ya learn something new everyday

this would be more of a problem if you were a pilot.

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And according to Americans the french has a whole airforce dedicated to running away. This is when you stop listening to Americans.

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why would there be no planes at an air force base?

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hahahaha you think the American military will send you where you want to go? get real dude! I asked to go to a southern state and ended up in Podunk Ohio

Oh look at the butthurt kids rage over a troll

35. is this the same America that sticks it's nose in where it doesn't belong dragging other countries into it's war over the whole "if you're not our friend you're our enemy" stupid country.

I second this. If you're sent to a base that already has all the aircraft it needs, then all you'll be doing is fixing someone else's crap. If you're sent to one without, it's gotta mean you're going to be building something all new, right?

No, of course not. If you want to build aircraft, you go get a job at Boeing or Lockheed. If you want to repair Aircraft onsite, you join the Air Force. If you are sent to a base without Aircraft, your job will suck until some planes show up.

Check that they didn't mess the paperwork up? Also, whatever they have you doing, it should get you some form of connections and experience, which should help in the meantime. Though I can understand it's irritating.

I hate you. you remind me of snickerbitch. But then I eat toenail clippings and navel fluff. What do I know?

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She is nothing like her. You guys are idiots.

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That, and she doesn't pretend to know everything. AND she doesn't correct everyone.

Moogzorz - I can't say I like you too much either, you don't give a very good impression. Same goes for you, Mexicutioner. Schitz - Thanks. They probably never actually read Snicker's comments and so just assume because I talk as much as she did that I'm saying just the same kind of things. Though I do occasionally correct particularly irritating spellings/comments. Illmatic - Thanks also. But if the idiots continue to be idiots, that might change.

Cinn is nothing like Snickerdoodles. Although I quite often agreed with what Snickers said, she did have a tendency to get crazy argumentative, especially with the trolls. It's extremely rare for Cinn to say something I disagree with, and her arguments are always logical, well thought out and polite.

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I love reading Cinn's comments because she's always thinking outside of the box and gives sound advice. She is always respectful, even to the loser/bashers. Cinn, keep doing what you do and know some of us appreciate your efforts.(:

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Cinn always comes off as a sweet and respectful person.

I think cinn u spent to much time on fml

to 95- actually I only spend about 15 minutes a day from my iPod and I get a lot done. wouldn't be supprised if cinn spent less time or just went on at random times of the day.

Underaegis is right, I tend to come on at random times of the day whilst I'm waiting for my computer to load stuff and the like. Though I do spend too much of my evenings on this site, but that's just me generally spending too much time on the internet... Also, thanks to Zeb, Sourgirl, AnorexicBarbie and Doink.

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dayam that sucks, maybe you can get transferred though..

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easy job? just stand around making airplane noises. if ur imagination is good, ull be in a plane in no time :)

nice **** princess, they'd look better on my **** though

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australians are so f'n stupid. go play in traffic 99

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Well, it's a good thing you commented then.

I would feel so frustrated, I mean after four years! FYL :(