By Tuffgunsmoke - France
Today, I was at the gym and saw an old friend. I have put on a lot of muscle in the past few months, and she said to me "Wow, you've really gotten big." Just by habit I said "You too." Turns out she's gained 45 lbs since I'd last seen her. Oops. FML
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  Sinisin2010  |  0

Is it such a bad thing that you are honest. No one is honest anymore and it sickens me, tell people what they want to hear rather then the truth. Honesty is the best policy, anyone hear of that!

  janise  |  2

I believe bananapajama meant women can't gain 45 pounds in muscle in the course of a few months naturally. There's nothing sexist about assuming someone doesn't take drugs and it's also not sexist to state that because women can't gain that much muscle naturally since we don't have enough testosterone. That's not sexism that's biology.