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Today, my husband thought it would be funny to drive my car through a flock of vultures eating road kill. Since a bird hit the mirror and broke it, I now have to pay for a replacement. FML
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Good thing you married him! Sounds like a keeper! ;)

Discombobulated- thread-jacking again? Did Doc not teach you a lesson the first time? You really are an attention-*****.

Actually 19, they posted at the same time. @8, nice one.

@ #22, I meant he copied the other dude's pun. @#23, #6 means that he posted before #8. Counting numbers man.

Looking at time man. Just because they are #8 doesn't mean they were able to read #6 first. Especially when posted at the same time. Just saying.

Actually, OP is the ******* idiot because she is ******* the idiot.

It's the OP's husband who's the idiot. Vultures are big, what the heck was he think?

Did yuo konw yuo olny raed the frist and lsat lteters of wrods?

You know what he really deserves?? It's this point where you handcuff him to the bed and use his penis as a ring toss pole to fling your newly fried donuts on. This doesn't make sense? Well neither does plowing through a bunch of scavenging birds eating a rotting carcass.

You married him, remember what's yours is mine. Unlucky though!

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You should make your husband replace it!!!! It was his crazy idea to do it !!

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Cut off your supply of sex to him

No, he used your car and damaged resulted while he was driving, so technically & legally...HE HAS TO PAY TO REPLACE IT! Tell that jerk to ask a cop or lawyer if he doesn't think mirror for you!

They're married. He probably would anyways.

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When two people get married, they each take in eachothers money, as well as their debt. So no, he wouldn't have to pay for it 'by law'.

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Do vultures eat dead vultures?

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Actually, no. That's one of the few things they won't eat.

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Huh. Interesting, "Honor the Dead" even among scavengers.