By Justaddwater - 09/01/2010 17:45 - France

Today, I spent an hour and a half trying to rid my house of smoke and burnt plastic smell because my little sister didn't know she was supposed to add water in the package of microwaveable mac and cheese. FML
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Maybe she could've used some supervision


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Maybe she could've used some supervision

That girl is a moron, it's called "Easy Mac" not "Hard as Hell Mac"

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i didn't know it was possible to be that smrt (smart)

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yeaah...i did the same thing

You guys dont know how old the little sister is. Think before you judge.

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Don't try to justify it! The truth is: SHE DUM.

Me too, like two years ago when I was 21 and in a hurry. IDI.

i have too..the kitchen was full of smoke and smelled awful!

weird, my sister did tht as well, and you'd think 11 year olds would know better 

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Lol I did that last year at my boyfriend's house but it was a ramen noodle cup soup. Oh so embarrassing :)

YDI. If she's obviously not old enough to know that, you should be supervising her making it. Thus taking control when you see she hasn't followed the instructions.

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no, little sister could mean op is 20 and sister is 16. think people!!! DOH. DOY!!!!!

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Its the parents fault not OPs it's not an older sisters job to always be watching her little sis!

my sister is 10 and he's done that 4 or 5 times she just forgets

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wow you def need to keep an eye on her. not saying it's your fault but definitley pay attention while she is cooking and whatnot.

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She said it was her little sister, not her child; it's not really her job to supervise her. It sounds like she might have been asleep or busy when it happened, and her little sister just decided to try and cook when no one was paying attention. Her parents should have been around...

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haha totally have to agree with lemonslice

i'm pretty sure inhaling burning plastic is bad...

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My brother did that once with a Ramen Cup. He almost burned the house down, and it smelled funny for about a week. Sorry, I know how you feel. ^_~

^^That's hilarious, and should be its own FML.

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my little brother did the same exact thing... Here's a tip: use non acetone nail polish to clean the yellow layer of burnt crap off of the inside of the microwave

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