By Michelle - 09/01/2010 16:11 - United States

Today, I woke up feeling extremely nauseous. When I started to feel better, I felt like I needed to spit. I went into the bathroom and opened the toilet to see someone had taken a giant crap the night before and forgotten to flush. The smell made me vomit all over my feet. FML
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that sucks. maybe you should of just spat in the sink.


that sucks. maybe you should of just spat in the sink.

ew yucky once i had to pee and as i was undoing my belt and sitting down on the toilet i threw up all over my shirt and the floor then my mom got mad because i was so close to the toilet but missed that was not a good day ....................fml

AndelleRae 9

Maybe it was chunky vurp (vomit burp) spit? That happens sometimes, and most people don't want to spit chunks down their bathroom sink. Either way, I feel your pain, op. That really sucks.

allen20 0

dats kewl! get your dog to eat the vomit(:

um. if the toilet was open, couldn't you have aimed for the toilet?

d2eazy 0

then the nasty shit would have splashed in her face.

1) you always spit in the sink 2) if you open the toilet, you can just as well puke there fail spotted.

"made my vomit"? More like "made me vomit"! Unless the smell had some incredible creation powers and placed vomit all over your feet.

Bad moderating again : / Anyway I don't get how you could forget to flush... It's something most people do out of habit. FYL

RachelTM 0

It's fixed, sorry about that! ;-)