By Michelle - United States
Today, I woke up feeling extremely nauseous. When I started to feel better, I felt like I needed to spit. I went into the bathroom and opened the toilet to see someone had taken a giant crap the night before and forgotten to flush. The smell made me vomit all over my feet. FML
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By  waffle_house13  |  5

ew yucky
once i had to pee and as i was undoing my belt and sitting down on the toilet
i threw up all over my shirt and the floor
then my mom got mad because i was so close to the toilet but missed
that was not a good day ....................fml

By  AndelleRae  |  9

Maybe it was chunky vurp (vomit burp) spit? That happens sometimes, and most people don't want to spit chunks down their bathroom sink.

Either way, I feel your pain, op. That really sucks.