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  PhoenixChick  |  26

Nope. I am too. This is how accidents spread. There's now going to be a rash of people microwaving play-doh because of this post. It's like the Ring, but your microwave dies in 7 days instead.

  Mynamewontfi  |  40

It will probably just melt/get softer. When I made a puppet for a stopmotion animation, I used clay (plasticine) and put it on a plate in the microwave to make it softer so it's easier to sculpt. I once put it in too long and it felt like warm, bit watery used chewing gum.The problem with what the babysitter did was probably that the play doh was still in the can :p.

  IcedSapphire  |  27

I may be wrong as I have never microwaved Play-Doh, but the containers may have exploded, causing damage to the microwave. Just my idea of what may have happened.

  ThatHorse  |  15

It's doubtful a plastic container made for playdough could build up that much pressure tbh. I mean, it's plastic. And it's being heated from being in contact with the playdough.
More likely the container melted all over the microwave and is now stuck to it. (which is why I have one with an easily replaceable tray inside)

  thesmeagol  |  22

Wouldnt ruin a microwave though, can scrape the plastic/playdoh off with some effort if it did melt the plastic. Although with how thick the containers are they would need to microwave it for awhile to melt the plastic.

By  kelizsaiz  |  4

I think we need a follow-up.
on one side, yes I'd be mad...but I'd also be happy that your sitter at least encouraged your child's curiosity & tried to help on a project. 50/50.