By Tokany - 28/04/2011 19:29 - Romania

Today, when I came home from work, my computer was drenched with water. My sister claimed there was smoke coming out of it. FML
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Your sister went full retard. Never go full retard.

You should thank your sister for saving your computer's life. Smoking will ******* kill you.


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How stupid could she possibly be? I say beat her ass.

saaaalt 4

beat her ass over a computer? Jesus times are rough...

iLikeReadingFMLs 2

@7 Do you know how much computers cost? Apparently not. So let me pour water on your computer. I want to see your reaction.

Every time you announce a win, your chances of dying a natural and yet excruciatingly violent death increase.

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if there was smoke coming out of it the whole house could've caught fire resulting in a bigger loss. just sayin'

the house could've caught on fire from the smoke coming out of your laptop. give that bitch a hug, you ungrateful bastard! also, make her a nutella sammich just for laughs and giggles. *slings whip* hell yeah.

throw water on her face and say there was ugly coming from it.

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7 yes, jesus's time was rough, if it wasn't he'd still be alive

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well would have been alive longer, I don't know if he had the ability to stay alive for forever. he would if he prayed and asked for it tho.

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I agree with #7. Plus, who's to say the sister's not mentally challenged? Would you make fun of a guy in a wheelchair, HUH?!

Silly hos lick my balls like fifa lollipops

Getting a Mac would be insult to injury. Also, water on electrical fires is not the best idea. Maybe the dust caught flame, but pouring water on it is from freaking out and reacting stupidly without thinking. FYL.

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Actually my friend's laptop had the same issue with the smoke. it happens and she was probably just worried. now she can be your slave for life

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59- you obviously haven't owned a Mac before.

saaaalt 4

#13 yeah computers are expensive so no problem OP go F your sister up then have your parents pay double the price of your precious computer at the hospital, then might at well get grounded while were at it right?-.- good going douche..

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your sister is SO stupid! the first thing she should have done was stop. drop. and roll. damn, people these days.

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lol missbunny cross fml referencing funny

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37 thats one of the funniest comments I've ever seen here, lol probably cuz i am new.Win :D

110- the more you say you are "new here" the more we all assume you are secretly NotFunnii.

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Whose NotFuni? Omg why is everyone saying that? And whatever, I don't care if you guys think I am NotFuni.

126- you look strangely similar to NotFunnii & you happen to spell "Funnii" the same way in your user name. hmmm ...

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#15 Macs are the cancer of the universe. Apple should stick to phones and tablets.

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Sister was in your good weed again OP... it's understandable... just make her pay for your next high

Wow. Are you joining them? Just joking! 20g?

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Make your sister buy you a new one! stupid bitch :P

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5 - Some people don't have money to just go out and buy another $1,000 laptop.

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Ya, cuz you know money grows on trees! Sorry op that sucks.

Yes it does! Money is made from paper, and paper is made from trees.

5- You must be one of those people who buy $200 computers.

No I actually have a $2,000 computer. What I was trying to say that some people don't have money.

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actually US $bills are made from a blend of cotton and linen ;)

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it's a blend of cotton and linen There are many secret ingredients and security features added into banknotes but the general knowledge is that currency paper is composed of 25% linen and 75% cotton. Red and blue synthetic fibers of various lengths are distributed evenly throughout the paper. Prior to World War I the fibers were made of silk.

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#57 Who said anything about $1000 laptop?

Sulphuric_Glue 16

My laptop is £960 and it is still shite. Get a desktop if possible.

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at least it chilled out while u freaked out (I know it's a fail joke)

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seriously, beat her up. your **** collection..... all lost!

no, you see... she was checking out his **** collection, and masturbated.... so that wasn't really water, now was it?

who stores it on there computers nowadays?

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im gona have to agree with you..... i do it alll the time..... *looks around*

Your sister went full retard. Never go full retard.

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waiting for someone to come and say, "I take great offense to this, I have a retarded child"

i take great offense to this, i have a retarted child. did i say it right?

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12-She was farting in bathtubs and laughing her ass off.

well hey look at it this way. at leats you have a water cooling system built into your computer now :)

aha, your life has got to suck. hopefully you werent working on a project.