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Damned freshmen

Today, a freshman set off the fire alarm in my dorm at 2 a.m. He tried to microwave Easy Mac without adding water. I had to stand outside for 45 minutes while the firemen moved the noodles to the sink and ran cold water over them. FML
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  blackheart24  |  10

37- Don't be such a prude. You're on the internet, not everything is lollipops and flowers.

If you read her comment, she was multitasking. Everyone makes mistake when multitasking.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Firemen always make things way worse than it is, they do way unnecessary things just to seem like they do something important when there isn't a fire. It's stupid really.

  bernie138456  |  0

You'd be surprise what guys can cook. My man is able to cook stuffed pork chops,Korean hot wings, homemade spaghetti with sauce he's made the night before and so forth. It's not a matter that guys can't cook,most are just too lazy to learn.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

Hooray for men who cook! I'm lucky as well, because I can only cook as far as mixing a couple of things in a bowl. But my excuse is that food is healthier when it's raw anyway.


You might note that the OP is female and the freshman was in her dorm, therefore unless they mix sexes it's safe to assume the freshman is also female, thus invalidating your argument.