By wut - 05/08/2012 05:23 - United States

Today, a guy said to me, "I'd really love to see that smile back at my place." Trying to be cute, I asked him if he was single. He replied with, "No, but I am a dentist. I could definitely fix that crossbite." FML
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I wouldn't give him business if I were you. You should go elsewhere for your dental work.


I wouldn't give him business if I were you. You should go elsewhere for your dental work.

Papiamilli 1

Give him the business if you know what I mean.

Do dentists even fix crossbites? I would have thought that was something only orthodontists do.

Nope, they can usually be fixed by regular dentists. Look it up.

Ha ha ha I wonder if he intended to do that?

cantthinkofshit 5

Same here, if he did that's a total win.

Show him what it can do. To his special dentist tool

And he has dental equipment at his house? Don't go home with the seriel killer dentist.

Maybe he meant his office. He didn't say anything about a house.

sunnyt 5

27- Whenever someone says 'my place', do you think of dentist office? Lol..

27, when someone says "my place," they're usually referring to their house. If someone was talking about an office, they should say "my office." Nobody is wrong in assuming the man was talking about his house. Edit: 28 beat me to the punch. A day late and a dollar short!

Or he said place because he owns the dental clinic and did this on purpose

Many dentists have their practice at their homes :)

Since when did dentists have tools at their house? Sounds peculiar OP.

kittytub 12

I was thinking maybe the dentist lives in an apartment above his dentist office, or his house is conjoined with it.

Or that by "my place" he meant his office? I don't see that being far fetched. Just a little rehearsed.

Whatever he tells you, it's not laughing gas.

TriflingAllDay 6

That burn ended up being more creepy than anything. Seriously. You're better off alone than with some dude who apparently keeps his dental equipment at home.

bigtaytay 13

Alright that sucks and was kinda creepy but *Kelso voice* BURN!!!

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