By Anonymous - 12/03/2010 21:44 - United Kingdom

Today, I spent all day and last night in the bathroom. The seafood I'd been keeping in the refrigerator apparently had gone bad, and is now intent on finding its every possible route to the Great Porcelain Whirlpool. FML
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not till a mod comes. OP that sucks for you

FOURTH!!!!!! **** yeah!!!!! And yes your life does temporarily suck OP.

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you couldn't have just said toilet?

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@beccais.... STFU... The way this FML is worded is what makes this FML awesome!!! OP: FYL for the bad seafood, but major points for being too cool for school! ;)

my fav analogy of taking a dump is "taking the browns to the superbowl".

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My favorite is, taking a shit.

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you have just won the game of FML :D

I think if you had it in the refridgerator then ydi for sure but if it was in the freezer and had no expiration date on it then it's not your fault. you also can't always tell when food goes bad because sometimes it could have gotten a bacteria in it or something else. If it wasn't blatantly obvious that it was rotten or it was in the freezer then fyl.

oreogasm wins twice, analogy and name :D

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tempestjones... you probably like Justin bieber too huh?

haha I agree. Major win for the "Great Porcelain Whirlpool". :D


my favorite is: I have to dump the children off at the pound.

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no it was just a good analogy that your poor mind failed to grasp.

#18 STFU honestly nobody cares your fourth god now i hate you

@56 it's "a bacterium", not "a bacteria".

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@beccais.... What? How are the two topics related in the least? Epic fail due to stupidity on your part.... LMAO....

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I like to say giving the Jon a fresh coat of paint.

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ahaha #108 I'm sorry. Forgive me?

a bacterium would be a single one. bacteria would be more of a colony or multiple baceriums.

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@beccais Only cause your pic is cool ;)

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I laughed at "Great Porcelain Whirlpool"

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I'm just gettin over a stomach flu while being 10 wks pregnant, totally sucks ass so I feel your pain.

wouldn't you notice it going bad? YDI

Yea I agree. You couldn't tell that it was bad? YDI.

@ 5 Depends on how strong it smelled in its native state, i guess....

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ohemgee 34th!!! but you should be more careful with seafood

I agree. Seafood doesn't go a little bad. It goes Somali pirate bad. It had to have smelled terribly and looked worse. Even if it wasn't evident at first look, it should've been apparent at first bite. Why would you keep eating? YDI but FYL for praying to the porcelain god all night.

Yeahhh. When my roommates left seafood in the fridge wayyy too long, the whole house smelled. The OP should have known!

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actually seafood can get bacteria and still smell and taste fine. It really isnt that difficult to figure out. Please think before you post next time. OP FYL that really blows.

No, it was BAD. They just didn't have time to take care of it, and wanted to piss everyone off. I mean once the whole 2 story house stinks when the seafood is in the fridge... It's pretty clear that something is wrong, lol.

@aeliz -- Why didn't you throw it away if it smelled so badly?

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@86 The dynamics of being roommates with assholes get complicated after a while.

Speaking of sixth, my uncle was the sixth person to die from drowning on mouthwash this year. A horrible fate, but a hygenic one nonetheless.

tehehe im like one of the first to comment for the first time XD. ydi for liking seafood

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hahah I like your name exoticfuck haha and you really should have known op. ydi

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oo i feel for ya, OP. on a lighter note, uh.. what happened to my profile pic? :'(. feel better soon, OP

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At least it is getting out of your system now, shouldn't take much longer. But seriously, you should have checked it before you went and shoved it in your mouth. You pretty much did this to yourself, sir. So, I have to say that YDI. Hope you learned your lesson! ツ

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