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Today, my OCD has got so bad that I took over 10 pictures of my house's power outlets before leaving, just so I could view them later to reassure myself that no appliances were plugged in. FML
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Thanks for all the comments, I've enjoyed reading them. Just for a little background, my biggest issue is my hair straightener. Years ago I left it unplugged and caused a burn to the countertop. Since then I obsessively check to make sure it's off, and now other things make me paranoid as well. OCD behaviors are strange, because you often know that you're being completely irrational. Anyhow, I'm really trying to ease up and lately I've managed to get by with just the one picture to reassure myself that the straightening iron is unplugged. I do plan to get help if it progresses, but can't really afford it at this time.

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jazzy_123 20

At least you're saving money. I never unplug anything >,<

I'm probably going to get thumbed down for this, but that honestly sounds worthy of treatment of some sort. What's next, pictures of your pictures to make sure those first ones are real?


XDsmileyDX_fml 24

And I had the pleasure of first downvote. Please don't do this again.

jazzy_123 20

At least you're saving money. I never unplug anything >,<

I guess that's an upside. Next she'll be taking pictures of the stove to make sure it's off.

that's a really good idea. but I would use it for the stove and the windows

It actually cheaper to leave big appliances plugged in, rather than plugging them in and unplugging them all the time... That's takes more energy, for you and the appliance.

I'm going to be a nerd here.. This reminds me a lot of Death The Kid from Soul Eater and that scene with the painting XD

strawberrywine22 30

I'm not worried enough apparently about leaving the stove on...several times over the last few weeks, I'll know for a fact (after double and triple checking) that o turned the stove off. But then later, it will be on. Either I'm having mental issues, or my house is haunted.

I also have OCD and kinda look up to Kid. *^*

This post reminded me to unplug my space heater before school... That would've been bad.

AngelLovesDerby 10

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You really don't understand OCD, there generally is an underlying rational in this circumstance being afraid of an electrical fire I am assuming. However in OCD sufferers it is taken to the extreme. There is an obsession you cannot take your mind off it. Your mind plays through different scenarios relating to your OCD over and over again. As well the Compulsion in order to reassure yourself you constantly do reptitive tasks, as in this case making sure everything is unplugged. It really is a terrible thing to live with and I hope you find a way OP to cope with it.

Fun fact: OCD is a disorder that most sufferers actually recognize as irrational. It's called an "ego dystonic" disorder. Trying to "disprove" their concerns with logic usually isn't telling them anything they don't already know.

Thank you, Budgie. I get extremely irritated by all the people claiming to "be OCD" just because they're organized or like things clean. Having a type A personality is not the same as having OCD. I appreciate the clarity with which you described the disorder. Levvy, too.

#3, you are an insensitive prick. There I said it.

Medicines work wonders. When a mi starts interfering that bad with your life, it's time to seek treatment. The meds won't fix it all. There is work to do as well. But it's nice to actually have my mind back.

Are there meds for OCD? That is fascinating. Everybody knows about concentration meds (Ritalin etc.) but that's simply putting your brain in overdrive, so to speak. OCD is a whole way of thinking! Can meds really change your thought process?

arandomusernameaa 20

I saw a program about OCD where they sent them to rehab and made them do gross stuff... e.g. a person with a phobia of bacteria had to wipe their hands on a toilet seat and then wipe their body... GROSS!

I have a touch of OCD. I'm bp1. My husband has pretty severe OCD. A lot of the ssri meds at certain doses do wonders. He has had great luck with Luvox. My nephew is showing major improvements after just a few months of Prozac. The anxiety from OCD often leads to depression, so these meds work double duty. Both me and my husband are also on a low dose benzo at night to help with underlying anxiety. I also have an as needed one for major flare ups. There are actually new studies in how lithium is helping with major depressive disorder and some cases of more stubborn OCD when used as an add on in low doses. There are so many options out there. If the first doesn't work, there is no need to get discouraged.

I take pics of my door when I leave, just to make sure. I actually left it open when I rushed out for my first deployment. Thankfully my housesitter emailed me.

rldostie 19

I take 5HTP, which naturally raises my serotonin, which is a great way to combat OCD. Some people say it's hooky, but it's been proven to work for me and with NONE of the side effects of the heavy duty pharmaceutical drugs. Can't hurt to try. Takes 4 weeks to really kick in, but that's no different from standard drugs.

I'm probably going to get thumbed down for this, but that honestly sounds worthy of treatment of some sort. What's next, pictures of your pictures to make sure those first ones are real?

Actually OP is going to install webcams on each outlet

Or OP is going to hire someone to monitor the empty outlets

It's not so bad until you're not taking a selfie to confirm you haven't lost your identity.

Better to be safe than sorry but perhaps you should look into some medication? If you'd like I mean, if you're happy with how you are, more power to you man

And then you realized that one of the pictures was washed out, so you had to go home to retake it.

perdix 29

Most places have more than 10 outlets. Sounds like a pretty sloppy case of OCD if you left so many killer outlets unphotographed. You need to upgrade to a case of CDO -- it's just like OCD but in the proper alphabetical order that in needs to be in.

TheDrifter 23

With a good angle you can get all the outlets in most rooms in a single shot.

Perdix OP wrote " over 10 pictures" meaning at the very least more than 10 outlets and also by home OP could refer to a small apartment and/or a really small townhouse