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Today, my boss made up a rumor that I was quitting my job so I wouldn't get the promotion that was coming up. There goes that raise I've been wanting for six months. FML
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If there's an HR department to take it up with, then make sure you do. That is not acceptable behavior from your boss. Good luck OP. Sometimes the worst people end up in management.

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colton_colton 49

While I would love to personally (I'm not op), I also see that backfiring fast. It'd be best to just try to expose their lying if HR doesn't help OP. I'm sure that no matter what, OP's boss doesn't like them so exposing the truth couldn't hurt but spreading rumors could make you look bad to all the other employees too.

I feel like I'm parroting my mother, but, two wrongs don't make a right.

So that means all OP has to do is spread two rumors about their boss!

Start the rumour that your boss started a rumour cause he didn't want you promoted cause you've been doing all his work.

why do i feel its been far too lomg since i could apply a "you deserved it",well, sucky bosses are all the rage these dayz. start a rumour and a half about him and his boss

19 - Well in mathematics 2 negatives make a positive. That's close enough.

If there's an HR department to take it up with, then make sure you do. That is not acceptable behavior from your boss. Good luck OP. Sometimes the worst people end up in management.

The worst people usually end up in management. Remember Manager sounds a lot like Onager.

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If you can prove it, take it to HR! It's silly they'd listen to rumors anyways. Good luck, OP! I know how much it sucks to have a cruddy boss. If you can't prove it, I wish you luck on finding a new job because I definitely wouldn't stick around a place like that.

Bring up evidence to the right people and you will still get your raise and a new boss! Get rid of the prick of a boss you have now.

Take it up with HR. That is both extremely unprofessional and wrong on your boss's part.

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And hopefully it will get OP's boss either fired or demoted. Jobs are for adults, not children. Hope he learns that fast.

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Can't you just talk to HR or his boss about it? He shouldn't be able to do that, considering he wouldn't have a two weeks notice or anything from you, you should be fine.

as a business administration accounting with HR major, I would seriously take it to your HR manager of your company and sit down and have a nice long conversation without your current boss present. And potentially talk to his boss. this type of thing is very unethical for him to have done. It's also a very bad move to make. And shows how petty he is. definitely talk to your HR manager

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Why the hell would he do that? If he's your boss isn't he in charge of either recommending you for it giving you a promotion?

not very sure why people are not liking my advice. I am currently going to school for this type of stuff. I have just finished an ethics class in this case clearly violates ethics to the extreme. Talking to the personnel manager or HR manager is a perfectly logical step to take. Most companies have a open door policy where employee can talk to a higher boss without fear of retribution. When I graduate I plan on being a good manager. And not being as crooked as this person was

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It's because you sound like a pompous ass and are just reiterating what's been said before you.

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#14, I completely disagree with you and also think that comment was uncalled for. I believe that #11's giving some very helpful advice. It's always good to be completely sure or at least get advice when it comes to negative situations with your higher-ups.