By hlev24 - United States

You kinda deserved that one

Today, I was walking down the street when a homeless man asked me for some spare change. I told him I didn't have any. I then tripped. Not only spilling the soda I was drinking all over myself, but also spilling the spare change I had from buying it. FML
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  D4ni3l96  |  5

for all the people who are debating about how money can be bad for hobos as they can use it for drinking and drugs, I would just buy like a McDonalds or some food gift card for them so they HAVE to buy food with it 

  D4ni3l96  |  5

also, for the people who say they should get a job. guys come on! it's hard to get a job. i have a friend who hasn't been able to get a job after 2 years! it's not as easy finding a job as there are a ton of unemployed people who will jump at the smallest chance of getting a job

  D4ni3l96  |  5

okay really sorry for being annoying but if someone really wants to help homeless ppl, help them get back on their feet. buy them a few clothes, give them shelter, teach them things, and help them get a job. I dream of the day I can help the homeless after
I graduate from school

  AziraLevana  |  2

145: Having been homeless, I've seen how some of them do have substance-abuse problems, and I do EXACTLY what you said: I buy them food. Most are genuinely grateful. I've never had that offer rejected.

  RileyFerrari  |  0

Your friend's an idiot. McDonalds, Starbucks - jobs like that are simple. Hobos aren't expected to become CEOs of sucessful companies, but a cashier job is easy to get.

  infaith  |  5

cherrybombb is right.. you guys are fucked up, you guys can't just assume and go by stereotypes, appreciated what you have, most people aren't fortunate, as for the OP.. YDI.. it's called IRONY look it up..or just wrong place wrong time... if I'm wrong please someone prove me wrong.

  facilitator  |  0

Well of course they are going to buy drugs, they're HOMELESS. What do you think, that they'll use the money to head down to Walmart and pick up an A/C unit? The guy lives in a box, somthing tells me a new coffee table and a throw-rug aren't his top priorities.

People keep telling them to get a job. But get a job where? What buisness would hire somone who can list everything they own on their fingers? Which means they are stuck there untill someone can get them back on their feet, but looking at how people can't trust the guy with their loose change they probably won't be willing to give him clean clothes and hot shower.

  Ngage953  |  10

This one time my friend took a homeless person to McDonalds, and when he asked what he wanted, the guy responded, "No thanks I just want the money part."

By  berii  |  0

once This Homeless guy who I am Fairly familiar with came up to me and asked for a dollar, So I gave him one... then as i was crossing the street another homeless guy came up and asked me for a dollar... i didn't want to give him one but i did anyway... I felt bad that he just saw me give a dollar to a guy...

By  d101_fml  |  0

Bloody homeless people, spending their money on drugs and alcohol!!!.......Exactly what I do with my money.

What do you expect them to do with your spare change? Save up, buy a coffee table from Ikea to go in their cardboard living room???

By  thisismyname_fml  |  1

Seriously, like all the people who clicked "you deserve this" actually give change to panhandlers. I'll donate to legitimate charities, but I know I'm not about to just hand out money to any stranger that asks for it, even if I don't assume they'll buy drugs with it.

By  MelancholyArtist  |  0

#4- that's why i never give them money. they are like pigeons. wave some money around, and they all dive bomb in. some of them may even shit on you...

and anyway, if i gave out money to homeless people, i'd end up sitting right there next to them. the way the economy is now a days, who CAN afford to be nice?