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  Bobissmall  |  13

Problem is it could be that yes,
A. She was letting him down gently without embarrassing him.


B. She actually likes him, but as it WAS possible he was hacked, to save her own embarrassment (and FML) she didn't say yes, and played it safe.

This is the problem with internet communications :P

  ElloGuvner  |  0

#24 I think you will find that the word you were looking for is actually spelt "F A I L" however it would be better to say "failure" or "you have failed" in this context.

By  Cenobyte  |  10

This is a good opportunity for you. Talk to her in person. If she mentions it to you, you can find out what her reaction would have been if the mail was from you. It's a safe way to see if you should tell her it was you or not.
Good luck!