By LoveBytes - 27/03/2012 21:29 - Canada - Victoria

Today, I emailed my crush an anonymous love letter. It wasn't until twenty minutes later that I realized that the email address I used contained my full name. FML
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ByronJess 17

And that's why you don't send love letters like a creeper.

ksjones2 5

Thats why you write love 'letters' not love 'emails'


ByronJess 17

And that's why you don't send love letters like a creeper.

Or proclaim your love outside their bedroom window, which is probably what they'll do next

ss_20_xx 14

You dipshit!

I think the window thing is cute, am I the only one? Preferably from someone you like as well or it could just be awkward.

41 - too much twilight. Someone standing outside your window without you knowing is either 1) a rapist 2) a pervert 3) a stalker 4) all of the above Girls would shit themselves if they saw a random person watching them at night, behind the bushes. How much more for a rabid dog or a giant mosquito?

46, I'd like to defend myself by saying I do not like or endorse anything to do with that rubbish twilight!

Also, I said preferably someone you like, I should have added not strangers!

Boom box "in your eyes....".

pinky78711 5

46,, verry true

How does one send love letters like a creeper? By going "sssssssSSSSSS"?

What's so wrong with Twilight? I like it, I think it's very good!

Unless you have is not between them.

crackz12 10

94- you're retarded those are clearly two different sentences

Lalaa- even if it was a crush, it's still stalker-y. However, i do see your point. Yay, someone else doesn't like twilight! Am I the only one disturbed that people see it as 'romantic' to be in a relationship with a person that can use you as a food source?

teejayx7 0

Dude, I hate twilight too but we can be a food source too ie cannibalism so yeah

OHai15 12

@69(hehhh hehhh preference...) Twilight is by far the worst movie(s) ever!!!!!

OHai15 12

oooops sorry ppl i meant #76 :P

Twilight is the story about Stephenie Meyers- oh, I mean Bella, the most average and for some reason, always depressed teen who's got an extremely stalkerish pedo-pire after her along with a constantly shirtless werewolf. The romance story of our generation.

104, I read the most disturbing thing today, a couple reenacted the movie for their wedding. But wait for it... They also changed their surnames to Cullen.

well, you are wrong then

Cannables can make you into a food source too... Just sayin

131- omg are you serious? What is this world coming to? I wouldn't be surprised if you saw 'Edward Cullen' on this year's ballot. 129- depressed. That's the word I was looking for to describe her. Yes.

139 yes, I'm afraid I am I was truly horrified to read this. And at 129 Bella is so depressed all she does is the whole stare at the ground... Look up sadly, bite lip... Look at the ground.

WhyCantIDoRight 5


Choconumm 8


lorenzoman77 7

"oh Jenny I've been watching you from your apartment window for a month now and I just wanted to say I love you." [email protected]

rachrocks101 0

I guess guys can be blonde too. Or just stupid.

DalPozzo13 10

Dumbass.. Do you not think before you do things?

MonsterCommenter 4

Yes....because every normal person thinks about the negative and positive consequence of every action they make. Most people don't take the time fo do that, and i damn sure know that i don't. I wing it, everytime.

31-There are not enough insults in the English language to describe you.

There's one for you... Grammar-ly incompetent

er....that's not an insult.

p.s. I think the word you're looking for is grammatically.

Haha nothing like correcting the corrector..

SpruceDread4578 13

83- I meant to thumbs up you but I accidentally clicked thumb down. Please accept my apologies.

ksjones2 5

Thats why you write love 'letters' not love 'emails'

blcksocks 19

Why do you have poo on your face?

It's easier with letters to not write your name at the top when making it anonymous

25 - two girls one cup

MerrikBarbarian 9

27- rockets are probably not the safest manner with which to declare your affections for someone... Though it presents a very amusing mental image!

One girl no cup.

AFloppyWetWhale 6

Yeah seriously. And besides, what happened 20 minutes later? Hmm?

says the person who just called someone dummy.

Clearly, you're the master at being anonymous. Teach me your ways O wise one!

You don't send a love letter to someone who's your crush. Extra creepy if they don't know you or you got their email off of facebook.

I hope it included a nude! It might even things out.

desireev 17

I know this is so off topic, but you look EXACTLY like one of my friends. I am constantly looking at your profile thinking that you may be her. Lol But you're a good distance away from me. So there's no way possible.. Lol

stranger danger !

oxxxjackyxxxo 3

That would be a slutty thing to do tho. -Shaking My Head-

It was meant to happen, trust me you would rather find out how he feels about you sooner than later after it gets deep

Oh gosh I can feel the embarrassment from here...but really who sends love letters anymore? I gotta say YDI sorry

Yeah, who wants to be romantic anymore?

Goodbye to romance....

I like your choice in music.

I guess I should've said anonymous love letters...I think love letters when you're already dating is good but anonymous ones are sort of creepy

Party hat lol?