By Anonymous - 11/11/2020 11:02 - United States - Kenton

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  Today, I had a family reunion and there were a lot of people there that I didn't know. The person that I'd been sleeping with for about 7 months showed up. He's my cousin. FML
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By  coius  |  23

Good news, nowadays, even if you get preggo, scientists have determined that the genome dna is now mixed enough (compared to middleages) where a single generation with same family usually wont cause inbreeding genetic disorders. It usually takes many (4-9) generations of this happening to get those genetic issues. Hemophilia and “dukes chin” were within royal families because generations inter-married “to keep the bloodline pure” which caused these issues. Hemophilia was referred to the royal’s blood disease. Hell, world war I was all a family feud, and the treaties within cousins that ruled across europe were the reason everyone got pulled on after a duke was assasinated, and Franz ferdinand was quite removed from the main lineage. You may not be able to marry, but if you do get pregnant, the likely hood of genetic abnormalities is small since genetics have forked for so long. Keep in mind that albert einstein married his cousin (might be second) and in some countries this is normal and allowed. Technically adolf hitler was with his first cousin (Eva Braun), so yeah...